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In order to express the dedication and loyalty to the clients MyCourseHelp.com has made the Privacy Policy Statement as this would also help us to demonstrate the services to the clients and students along with their importance to us by not disclosing their identity and fully committed to the customers privacy. Privacy is very importance for every business and therefore we also keep our customers details and identity very secret as they visit our website we keep their information and those information are disseminated to our department by keeping in mind the details of our visitor and students.


Our policy keeps on changing by considering the current environment and the students needs so keep on visiting our website to get you update for our privacy statement.For any of concerns visit is at our website to get the complete details about our privacy policy and updates.Services which we offer for our customers requires us to get complete details about the customers particularly for our section (Services) and the information which we require are such as name, college or university, phone number, access to the library, billing name, credit card and debit card details, bank details, grades in schools and colleges and the major subjects in which they need our services. Many a times we would store their information even they don’t take our services this is solely because we would may interact with them as and when needed to provide our services and many a times free services.


Many a time’s data are stored in our browser while chatting and taking information from students so that can be found in our cookies section.Information which is collected by us from our customers is used for their service only. To further discuss their interest in our company we may contact them by preserving their contact information. Contact details which we take from our customers can be use by us or our partners in benefit of our client only. We will use their contact information to contact them to inform them for about promotion and offers which we would be offering from our customers. All the information of the students are kept safe with our data base and none of their information would be shared with any of the third parties. If any customers don’t want to receive out mails or offers then they can mail us at care@MyCourseHelp.com  to stop receiving our mails in future references. To receive username and password customers can also email us separately on our email address to get better services from us. Customer newsletter will be sent to the students and the customers so that they can get themselves update the latest updates and information about our websites and services.


To be able to show the commitment to the clients Stay Web Instructors has made the Comfort Plan Declaration as this would also help us to show the solutions to the clients and learners along with their significance to us by not exposing their identification and completely dedicated to the clients privacy. Comfort is very significance for every business and therefore we also keep our clients details and identification very key as they check out our web page we keep their details and those details are published to our division by bearing in mind details of our guest and learners. Our policy keeps on modifying by considering the present atmosphere and the learners needs so keep on viewing our web page to get you upgrade for our privacy statement.To be able to customize our following marketing communications to you and consistently enhance our goods and solutions (including registration), we may also ask you to offer us with details regarding your personal or professional passions, experience with our goods and solutions, and more specific contact choices.


Clients and guests always have the option of choosing not to offer us with these details. Except as we clearly state at the time we demand details, we do not reveal to third events the details provided. All financial and payments details that we gather through the Website is used completely to check the credentials of potential buyers and to invoice for the Assistance. This payments detail is not used by MyCourseHelp.com  for marketing or marketing reasons. MyCourseHelp.com  uses a third-party broker to handle the bank cards handling. This broker uses the details for the only purpose of bank cards handling. Collection details To help make use of the online training help provided by web tutors you and must sign-up your kid on MyCourseHelp.com. The signing up process will require the learners name, current e-mail address, contact number, mother and father name, mother and father e-mail

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