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Summary Writing


What is summary writing?

Have you seen the Harry Potter movies? They are great, aren’t they? Those movies are based on the Harry Potter books that are written by J.K.Rowling. Wait a minute. Is a Harry Potter movie a summary of a Harry Potter book? You are right. But to make things easier, let me explain the meaning of a summary. A summary is a short version of a large paragraph or a write-up. Another example of a summary can be the text that is written on the backside of a novel. It gives you a brief understanding of what the novel is all about.

We summarize everything in our day to day life. How? When you reach home at night, the first question that your loved ones ask you is ‘How was your day’? You explain your entire day in just 2-4 lines.

It is easy to summarize while communicating, but when it comes to writing, many people (especially students) hate to do summary writing. There can be 2 reasons for the same.

  1. They are not interested.
  2. They find it difficult.

Because of this, they look for summary writing help online. Earlier, there was no help but today, few companies have come on the market who provide summary writing help to their clients. But there is one problem. How can a person know which company provides suitable summary writing services in the market? I know it is difficult to answer this question, but I have a suggestion for you. Does Mycoursehelp ring a bell for you? No? It’s ok. Let me tell you about my company. We have been providing summary writing help to our clients for a number of years. We have the best writers in the market who have sufficient experience in summary writing. Don’t believe me? Visit our website and download free samples of our best summary writing reports.

What are the different categories of a summary?

A summary is divided into 2 parts:

  • Main point summary- It is like an abstract of your summary. Here you mention all the important facts of your write-up. Your main issue or point of discussion is mentioned in this summary. Main point summary plays an important role in academic papers.
  • Key point summary- This summary will have all the information mentioned in the main point summary, but with the added mix of evidence and data to prove your main point. Key point summary is a complete presentation of your ideas.

Structure of a summary-

. There is a strict structure that needs to be followed while writing a summary.

  • Background- You have to mention the background information related to the topic for a better understanding of the summary.
  • Problem- You will mention the main problem that you are trying to address in your summary.
  • Main idea- Here you have to write your ideas to solve the addressed problem.
  • Contribution- You have to discuss how this summary will benefit the society.
  • Evaluation and suggestion- You will end your summary by discussing how your ideas have solved the addressed problem and mention any suggestions for improving the summary.

How to write a summary?

Keen on writing a summary? Carefully follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Read a write-up that you want to summarize and understand it completely.
  • Jot down the important points.
  • Prepare a rough draft.
  • Compare that draft with the original write-up to make necessary changes.
  • Proofread your summary before the final submission.

What are the tips for writing a good summary?

Summary writing can be a daunting task, but there are a few tips that can help write a great summary. Below mentioned tips are followed by our writers as well.

  • When you start writing your summary, you should clearly mention the title, main points, work type and the authors’ name.
  • Always compare your summary with the original text to check that you have mentioned all the important points.
  • Never include any additional information (your ideas) in your summary.
  • Carefully choose your words while writing a summary. A few wrong words can destroy the meaning of your summary.
  • Your rough draft should be 1/4th of the original write-up.
  • Write a short summary. Avoid writing long pages.
  • Check the original write-up for main ideas.

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