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Scholarship Essay Writing


What is Scholarship essay writing?

Scholarship essay writing can be explained with the help of an example. My brother applied for a scholarship at Curtin University, Perth. He had to write a 1000 word essay and score well on it to get a scholarship. Earlier, scholarship programs were based on your marks and sports criteria, but today, if you apply for a scholarship to a good university, you have to write an essay for the same. Your essay should be good enough to compete with other candidates to get a scholarship.

Before we move ahead, why should a student go through the hassle of writing an essay to get the scholarship? With the help of a scholarship program, a university provides financial aid to a student to support his/her further education. A student coming from a poor family can benefit a lot from this program.

Sadly, there are only a few students who opt for this program. Many of the students are not interested in a scholarship as they hate writing an essay for it. There can be many reasons for the same such as-

  • They don’t like to write.
  • They don’t believe that they are good writers.
  • They go through a writer’s block.

Because of the above reasons, students look for some help in scholarship essay writing. Even my brother took help from his friends to complete his essay. Earlier, there were no professional services who could provide help to the students in essay writing but today, times have changed. Many companies have entered the market who provides custom scholarship essay writing service to its clients. But there is one problem. Students find it difficult to choose a company that provides the best scholarship essay help in the market. Many of these students belong to a poor family and don’t have enough money to try the services of 2-3 companies. If you are one of them, I know about one company that never fails to impress its clients. Mycoursehelp is the upcoming company in the market. We have a dedicated team of highly educated writers who have years of experience in scholarship essay writing. Our writers provide amazing scholarship essay help to our clients. According to our clients, we provide the best scholarship essay writing service in the market.

Why is it important to write a scholarship essay?

The most important reason to write an essay is to get a scholarship. Isn’t that obvious? Well, jokes aside, a scholarship essay gives a brief introduction about the kind of person you are, your values & goals and why you want this scholarship. The head department of a particular university judges you on your essay to determine whether you are a right fit for that university or not.

What is the format of a scholarship essay?

Like any essay or a report, a scholarship essay has a strict format that needs to be followed by every student. If any point goes missing, you can risk losing your scholarship. Therefore, remember these points while writing your essay.

  1. Introduction- You will mention your full name and the scholarship name that you are applying for.
  2. Educational & career goals- You have to mention the name of your course, state the reason why you opted this course and how will this course affect your career and future plans.
  3. Brief background- You will give an introduction to yourself, state your strengths & weaknesses and mention your hobbies & interests.
  4. Need for a scholarship- Here, you have to convince the judge why you need this scholarship and mention the impact of this scholarship in your educational life.
  5. Conclusion- You will mention the impact of education in your life and end the essay by thanking the judges.

How to write a great scholarship essay?

Every student dreams of getting a scholarship. They work hard for it and look for various shortcuts to write a great essay. Guys, there is no hard and fast rule to write an amazing scholarship essay. However, there are some tips that are useful for writing an impressive essay. Our writers also follow these tips.

  1. Carefully read the instructions before you start writing an essay.
  2. Jot down your thoughts on a piece of paper. This will help you to follow a structure in your essay.
  3. Make an outline of your write-up.
  4. Elaborate each point of your essay.
  5. Use simple and clear language in your essay. There is no need to confuse the reader.
  6. Never brag about your accomplishments.
  7. Check your grammar and spelling before the final submission.
  8. Ask your friends/family to proofread your essay. Their feedback can be valuable for your essay.
  9. Carefully follow the formatting guidelines.
  10. Make sure to cite your sources.

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