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Original research reports


What is the meaning of original research reports?

When a student opts for higher studies, he/she has to complete an original research report. Acing that report is important for a student to pass his/her course. Research report gives a practical market experience to the students. But before I move ahead, are you aware of an original research report? No? Don’t worry. Let’s clear the basics first. An original research report includes an original study. The writer of the report has to search for a topic through observation, experiments and surveys. After that, the writer has to put his/her findings in a report.

Writing an original research report can be a nightmare. Many people struggle to write a research report. Why? Well, a lot of research and effort is required to write an original research report and many people fail to do it. That’s why they look for some assistance in writing research reports. Earlier they had no help but today, the times have changed. Many companies have entered the market who provides excellent assistance in original research reports. As there are so many companies in the market, it becomes difficult for a person to decide which is the best in the market. It is a genuine doubt and I can provide a good answer for the same.

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How to start your original research report?

  • Identify the research question- It is the backbone of your report. Without the research question, you can’t write the report. But how can you find a research question? Well, there is no hard and fast rule for the same. You just have to go through various published reports in your field of interest and discuss some ideas with your friends and superiors.
  • Do a literature search- Literature search is basically gathering all the necessary information related to your research question. You can gather information from online databases, books, government reports and journals.
  • The structure of a report- There is a structure that you need to follow. 
  1. Introduction- It will have the necessary information about the purpose of your study.
  2. The list of methods- You have to mention a list of methods that you have used to complete your research.
  3. Results- Here you will briefly mention all your data and research findings.
  4. Discussion- You will discuss the implications and importance of the research done by you.
  5. Conclusion- You will briefly summarize your research findings.
  6. Appendix- Here you will mention graphs, charts and questionnaire (if any). 
  • Proper formatting- Every institution follows its own formatting guidelines. Format your report according to your specified guidelines.
  • Proofread your report- Before your final submission, it’s better to proofread your report. Why? Well, to avoid plagiarism and grammatical mistakes. 

What are the problems that you face while writing a research report?

It’s not easy to write an original research report. Below I have mentioned a few problems that people face while writing a report.

  • Many people forget the topic while writing a report.
  • People give the least importance to formatting. Many of them forget to format their reports which lead to a deduction in marks.
  • Many of us forget to proofread their reports.
  • Forget to cite their sources, which leads to plagiarism.

Tips for writing a great original research report-

Go online and search for best research reports. You will be amazed to see the quality of the reports. Every student wants to write a great research report.  If you are one of them, below I have mentioned 4 important tips that need to follow to write an excellent original research report. These tips are followed by our writers as well.

  • Only the person who has conducted the research should write the report.
  • Your report should have the hypothesis, purpose of the study and the information about research methods.
  • Remember to report your research findings.
  • Properly analyze those findings and discuss its possible implications.
  • Cite all the sources in your report.

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