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Forgot Your Password ? is established with sole motive of providing academic help to students around the world across different levels. MyCoursehelp is a self-sufficient and independent business entity operating out of the United States of America.

By agreeing to our general terms of policy, you consent to be bound by these terms and conditions put in place by the company. When any individual client or any organization becomes a customer of myCoursehelp, he/she or the organization automatically becomes liable to be bound by the general terms of use provided by the company.

  • 1. Clarification of the terms
    • The term ‘agreement’ alludes to the general terms and conditions put in place by the company myCoursehelp.
    • Terms ‘you’, ‘your’, ‘user’, refer to any interested individual surfing through our website or to our existing customers.
    • The term ‘customer(s)’ refers to all the individual/organization who have placed an order with myCoursehelp and are thus availing our services against the payment of the bill charged.
    • The term ‘order’ refers to the request placed by a customer to accomplish any service (in this case it pertains to any assignment, homework, coursework, dissertation, research report, et al) rendered by the crew of myCoursehelp.
    • The term ‘product’ refers to the end desired result delivered to the customer in form of any assignment, research paper, coursework, assignment, dissertation, and likewise.
    • The term ‘product revision’ refers to the inputs given by a customer which he/she may deem vital to be included in the final product. They are generally suggestive in nature. We expect our customers to instill complete confidence in our writers.
    • Terms ‘writer’ and ‘expert’ are often interchangeably used on our website. They refer to our employees at myCoursehelp who are assigned with task of accomplishing the writing part of any assignment within the set guidelines and terms provided by myCoursehelp.
    • The term ‘communication executive’ is referred to our backend support staff who are entrusted with the task of providing last mile support to customers by resolving their queries.
  • 2. Confidentiality of the user

    MyCoursehelp is a leading online platform to provide academic help to students and professionals across the globe. We provide help to students in accomplishing their task in form of assignments, coursework, homework, dissertation, research paper, thesis, and likewise. In case of writing a dedicated assignment for a particular client with set guidelines in place, we ensure that a unique product is delivered to the client every time. In such scenarios, we offer complete ownership of the article to the client.

    We also have an active chat and blog systems in place that enable students to put forth their queries. In this case, a user is not liable to be protected in terms of confidentiality. The data that put up on the website in form of any query, solution, blog, etc. is not protected for privacy. All these information is directly put up in public domain. In case a user wants to maintain his/her confidentiality, it is highly recommended to use an anonymous account/ name. The company shall not be held liable in case of any breach of privacy.

  • 3. No relation beyond work

    MyCoursehelp has in place strict policy of non-entertainment any requests made by the customer to put in direct contact with any of our writers and vice-versa. We have carefully curated a team of expert professionals from various field of education in order to felicitate the requests made by students. We expect our customers and writers to respect the boundary and work in a formal fashion. MyCoursehelp has specifically put in place a well-trained support staff in order to resolve a customer’s query. The company also follows a zero-tolerance policy towards breach of any the above stated facts and thus reserve the irrevocable and executive rights to terminate any/all services.

  • 4. Grounds for suspension or termination of services

    MyCoursehelp reserves the irrevocable and exclusive right to restrict any user to access the website or terminate the services altogether at any point of time without any prior notice, in case of any breach of agreement. Any user, even on the ground of any suspicion, found engaging in any illegal activity or found using third-party resources without due certificates/letters obtained beforehand would invite immediate termination. Users are solely responsible for protecting their username, password, billing information. MyCoursehelp shall not be held liable under any circumstances for the breach of any confidentiality. In case, a user wants to terminate his/her services from, he/she may do so by applying to us in writing. After cancelation, any fee charged would be reverted to the bank account of respective account holder, if any, in accordance with the set terms and conditions. It may also be duly noted that reserves the right to deny access to any of its services to anyone at any point in time. The company also reserves the right to modify any terms of conditions and use and any point of time without any prior notice.

  • 5. Payment policy is an online service provider in the field of education. We offer a number of services to students and professionals at various levels. These services are exclusive to the demand of the customer and are rendered in lieu of the payment thus made. The bill as charged is completely based on the services rendered to a particular customer. A client is therefore expected to make the payment on or before the date of delivery of the product. We have various flexible plans to suit the requirements of our clients. This feature has certain terms and conditions attached to it. For availing feature of making payment in installments, one is required to pay at least 50 per cent of the total amount billed. The remaining half has to be made gradually on or before the date of receiving the work. Once a customer place an order, he/she is automatically bound by these terms and conditions.We keep as many options open to our students as possible for the sake of feasibility. Though most of our transactions take place in the form of US Dollars or Sterling Pound. But it does not mean that we do not accept any other currency. We also accept payment in Singapore Dollars, Australian dollars and even New Zealand Dollars. Our main prerogative is to make the user experience as smooth and convenient as possible.

  • 6. Refund policy

    We definitely have the most flexible policy as compared to our peers. We do not believe in making a customer helpless. Instead we ensure that a customer is equally empowered in this mutual relationship. Therefore we provide a refund in case of a registered failure. This comes with the only condition being that only half of the amount charged will be refunded as we take our share of resources put in to accomplishing your task. Also, the request for a refund shall be entertained only when a request is made within 30-days from the date of delivery of the assignment.

  • 7. Agreement to two-way communication

    Once you begin a professional journey with myCoursehelp, we look forward to making a long and strong bond. When you share your details like your name, e-mail address, etc. on our website, you automatically agree to receive electronic letters and messages from our side. We follow this practice in order to ensure a flow of two-way communication. Through e-mail and messages we also make you aware about our ongoing special promotion scheme that might benefit you or let you know about any new service being added to our catalogue. One can even opt out from receiving any promotional mails from our end by unsubscribing from our newsletter.

  • 8. Rights over content reserves the irrevocable, exclusive right to restrict any individual or organization per say from using any blogs, articles, ideas, testimonials that fundamentally belong to the exclusive domain of myCoursehelp. The breach or illegal use of any intellectual material that myCoursehelp has a right over would call for stringent actions. Any individual or organization can use the academic material produced by myCoursehelp with prior permission and due credit.

    MyCoursehelp exhibits the right of granting sole authority over any article to the respective client who has made a payment against receiving such product. It may also be noted that myCoursehelp refrains from using any previously produced material in future. We adhere to the strict policy of delivering a unique product each and every time.

    Accomplishing tedious tasks such as writing a dissertation or a thesis often involves extensive research and use of third-party material to support the arguments made. Therefore, we, at myCoursehelp, ensure that any copyrighted material is used only after acquiring letter/certificate of approval from concerned authority. Any employee or person/entity associated with myCoursehelp is strictly adhered to practice these rules and any breach thus observed may invite immediate suspension or termination.

  • 9. No promotion of third-party entity on has a straight-forward and strict policy against endorsement of any third-party entity using myCoursehelp as a platform. Any user/customer/visitor to the site is thus barred from indulging in any such practice. Breach of this condition may result in to suspension of the user account from myCoursehelp from immediate effect without any warning.

  • 10. Right to modification of terms: possesses the exclusive and irrevocable right to change, revise, modify or omit any part or whole of any terms and conditions at any point of time without prior notification. Thereby all the users are advised to go through the said terms of use before placing order. It may also be noted that myCoursehelp even reserves the right to terminate or modify the terms of any service thus rendered. In such a case, existing users of any such policy being modified, will be intimidated through email or messages. One is advised to keep visiting the terms and conditions every now and then in order to keep pace with changes, if any.

  • 11. Data storage and control

    It may be noted that myCoursehelp is neither liable nor responsible for storing any data that may be provided to us by our website visitors. Similarly, myCoursehelp also does not ensure any confidentiality and privacy to the data shared by the visitors on our website.

    In case of our customers who place their order to accomplish any assignment and thus provide us with relevant references and guidelines, myCoursehelp guarantees complete protection to their data. It must be noted here that we have limited storage capacity per customer, thus to ensure smooth execution of task, our system automatically phases out already stored information after one year from the date of delivery of the product.

  • 12. Limitation of liabilities

    The Customer’s decision to accept the set terms and conditions of this agreement by myCoursehelp does not hold the Company and its employees, shareholders, officers, agents, representatives, directors, affiliates, promotions, subsidiaries, advertising and fulfillment agencies, any third-party providers or sources of information or data and legal advisers responsible for any and all losses, rights, damages, claims, and actions of any kind, arising from or related to the Products, including but not limited to:

    • Telephone, electronic, hardware or software, internet, network, email, or computer malfunctions, failures or difficulties of any kind.
    • Failed, garbled, incomplete or delayed computer transmissions.
    • Any condition brought up by events beyond the control of the Company that might cause the Product to be corrupted, delayed or disrupted.
    • Any damages or losses of any sort arising in connection with, or as a result of, utilizing the services.
    • Any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the service.
  • 13. Cookies policy

    MyCoursehelp informs all its customers and visitors that some of the information shared by them on the website would be saved in the form of cookies for later use. When you abide yourself with the Company’s terms and conditions, you explicitly consent us to store your information as cookies and other forms.

    In case, one does not want his/her information to be stored, then he/she may disable the cookie feature through the setting of their respective web browsers. On the contrary, when one consents his information to be stores, they may be prompted to fill up some simple forms asking for information like their name, gender, region, e-mail address, etc. All this information is stored by a website for later use, in order to expand its customer base.

  • 14. Privacy policy

    We, at myCoursehelp, have put a robust mechanism in place to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our customers. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. To begin with, we prioritize a safe and secure billing experience for you. To ensure secure payment, we have built an absolute secure payment gateway that accepts almost modes of payment. Our payment gateway does not store any billing information fed to it during completion of payment and thus is not stored and made available to the company in any form. Also, the Company advises and encourages the customers not to share and critical information with anybody and use only Company website to make payment.

    The company never intends to sell or process this information to any third party. The company only stores the information shared by customers on the website with their consent. This information is later used by the company to reach out to its customers for its promotion or notify changes, if any.

    The Company never uses any third-party for communicating to its customers. For this purpose, the company has put in place a self-sufficient and capable support staff to help out its customers. The customers need follow set procedure in place and their queries would be resolved as soon as possible. For resolution of any query or assistance at any step, our customers can reach out to the support staff either via e-mail or chat window available on our website. Customers need to note that we do not communicate through any other mode of communication other than e-mails.

    The Company cannot be held responsible for information available directly to Company’s freelancers. The Company cannot control it or give any guarantees over its future distribution. The Information the customer provides to the Company is stored on secure servers. The Customer is responsible for keeping his/her login details confidential and not disclosing it to any third parties. At myCoursehelp, your privacy and your personal information security is one of our main priorities. We want our clients to fully understand, what information we collect and how we further use it and how we store it. Be assured that we only collect information that is necessary for us to provide you with our products and services. We limit ourselves to personal information like a customer’s name, region, age and e-mail address. Any information more than this neither do we want nor we desire. myCoursehelp believes in maintaining absolute privacy and confidentiality. It resorts to a zero-tolerance policy towards any confidentiality breach. Whenever you provide us with any critical information, for instance any first hand research in this case, we ensure absolute protection to it and use the data in a manner that even protects your intellectual property from falling into wrong hands. When you show confidence us, it becomes our most important liability.