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  • Why prefer myCoursehelp over others?

    myCoursehelp is a specifically curated online service provider that is established with the sole aim of reducing the woes of students and professionals by providing high quality academic help across various subjects. We work to ensure the completion of assigned task well in the given time frame. Our team of expert writers work relentlessly to make sure you get a comprehensive and unique piece of work every time. To ensure last mile assistance, we have a set of well-equipped and trained executives who remain available round the clock to cater to any queries raised by the customers. And the most important part is that we provide all these services at a very competitive pricing in order to reach out to every student who want to seek help.

  • What type of services does myCoursehelp deal with?

    myCoursehelp is designed as a one-stop solution to every problem that a student might incur during his/her academic journey. We are capable enough to tackle and take any challenge hands on as and when required. We deal with a number of services related to the academic field. The most common types of services which we are availed for includes

    • Dissertation Writing
    • Essay Writing
    • Term Paper
    • Coursework
    • Literature Review
    • Book Reports

    Though we do not limit ourselves to only above stated services. As said above, we provide all the services that a student or professional might deem crucial to his/her academic course.

  • What standards does myCoursehelp adhere to?

    At myCoursehelp, we have pre-determined standard of work maintained for our writers. This ensures that the each and every piece of work that we bring out is at par with that set standard and is thus unique in its own character. We also encourage our team to raise the set bar with every step taken further and in this way we always ensure that myCoursehelp remains well-equipped and evolved in providing an up to date solutions to its customers.

  • Why should one entrust myCoursehelp with the one’s assignment?

    We, at myCoursehelp, realize how crucial an academic assignment is to a student. Therefore we put in a lot of effort and the expertise of our respective domain experts into creating every scholarly piece. We believe in delivering a high quality end result that not only helps our students score well but would also make myCoursehelp their trusted-partner in this academic journey. We strive very hard to retain our existing customers and value their trust instilled in us by delivering par excellence results everytime.

  • Does myCoursehelp reuse any already existing academic piece of writing?

    We go by the rule of zero-tolerance policy towards plagiarism, thereby repeating any assignment is out of the purview. We may be happy to incorporate your inputs in the given task but we never repeat any previously created assignments for any future reference. Every scholarly article that we provide is written exclusively for one specific client keeping in mind their specific requirements. So, you may stall all your worries as whatever we provide you with, it makes you the sole authority over it.

  • Is reaching out to the writer, a possibility?

    We apologize for the disappointment, but we have strict company policies in place that bar you from directly talking with any of our writers. It is very much against the company policies. But we provide you with round the clock assistance services by our well trained executives. These executives act as your link to the writers as you can register your query with them and they will have it delivered to the concerned writer. This way it is ensured that a timely solution is delivered the concerned customer.

  • Does the work gets deleted, once it is delivered?

    Not instantly. For at least a year, it would reflect on the customer’s account page. We, at our end, also maintain the work records of the delivered work in our system for the same number of days. After the period of one year, the delivered work would get phased out eventually from our system and would thus stop showing up on the customer’s account page as well.


  • How can one avail the services over phone calls?

    myCoursehelp has a robust support system in place to ensure an easy approachability for its customers. We provide you with a helpline number which is available 24*7 for the resolution of queries. We keep our channels wide open to our customers as we realize the importance of transparency and accessibility. And therefore we even have an active chat window for quick resolution of queries.

  • Is myCoursehelp capable of delivering an assignment in less than two hours?

    As mentioned above, myCourshelp is best in its field of work. Thus we, at myCoursehelp are capable enough and well-equipped to deliver a par quality piece of work in a short span of time. Though this exclusive service is a part of our premium range services and thus a customer may have to shell some extra bucks in order to avail the required services in a short time frame.

  • I cannot find my subject matter on your catalogue, will my request still be entertained?

    Frankly speaking, it is not possible to enlist all the subjects on our catalogue. But it not at all means that we do not deal in that particular subject. We, at myCoursehelp, have distinct team of dedicated writers having background in various fields of education. Thus we are suitably capable of delivering a comprehensive assignment on any possible subject. Our customers just have to name it, and they will get it done.

  • Are the academic pieces of work written by an expert on the subject?

    Without a doubt. myCoursehelp takes pride in informing you that we have some of the best brains in this industry. Our core team of experts are always on their toes and work zealously towards delivering a coursework which has high level of quality and precision. We have a set of domain expert writers which take your assignment at top notch and thereby ensure maximum grades.


  • What kind of policy does myCursehelp resort to regarding privacy?

    myCoursehelp believes in maintaining absolute privacy and confidentiality. It resorts to a zero-tolerance policy towards any confidentiality breach. Whenever you provide us with any critical information, for instance any first hand research in this case, we ensure absolute protection to it and use the data in a manner that even protects your intellectual property from falling into wrong hands. When you show confidence us, it becomes our most important liability.

  • What is the refund policy followed by myCoursehelp?

    We definitely has the most flexible policy as compared to our peers. We do not believe in making a customer helpless. Instead we ensure that a customer is equally empowered in this mutual relationship. Therefore we provide a refund in case of a registered failure. This comes with the only condition being that only half of the amount charged will be refunded as we take our share of resources put in to accomplishing your task. Also, the request for a refund shall be entertained only when a request is made within 30-days from the date of delivery of the assignment.

  • Does myCoursehelp charges for revisions required in accomplishing a task?

    Not a penny. We understand that any academic work to be accomplished perfectly requires multiple re-reads and revisions. We at our end ensure an absolute error-free work, however if a client deems it important that further revision is required, we are happy to do so as well. The only condition being that the client shall not alter any pre-requisite guideline thereafter. And, it shall also be noted that any request for revision will not be entertained after 30-days of receiving the final work.


  • Does myCoursehelp provide services on any possible subject matter?

    A big yes. myCoursehelp has the capability and a talented team to take on such challenges. We have a wide range of experts at our backend that are well qualified and have domain expertise on the possible subject requirements. Whenever we are assigned with any task, our dynamic team works on it with utmost precision and care. We go extra mile to ensure that you receive a well-executed and professionally curated task in hand.

  • What if similarity is found between two articles, will my work be considered plagiarized?

    Let us be very clear about the fact that you never need to worry about plagiarism, once you associate with myCoursehelp. We have a very strict plagiarism policy and company does not bear any trace of plagiarism, if found. Our writers are well trained to produce quality scholarly work in its absolute originality. We also have a robust mechanism in place to check for plagiarism beforehand. Thus we ensure that the final work to receive is unique in every way possible and free from plagiarism.

  • How long does it take to complete an assignment?

    Well, it majorly depends upon the length of the work required and the time frame you give us. Though we always have delivered the work assigned well before time in order to give customers sufficient time to ask for any amendments and add-ons if required. We have a record of not delaying assignments and have till date delivered all the tasks assigned well within the time limit.

  • Is it wrong in anyway intaking professional help?

    Not at all. You can free yourself from this guilt. Seeking professional help is similar to asking guidance from your teacher. With evolving nature of studies, and fast pace of life, it sometimes becomes difficult to juggle many things at one time. And thus it is perfectly normal to seek help in such scenarios. We provide you services in order to enable you to accomplish any given task well in time. It does not amount to any crime to seek help. So relax.

  • Can myCoursehelp give online exams, as well, for me?

    Yes. We, at myCoursehelp, also provide this feature service where we represent a candidate in a specific examination. All a candidate has to do is to provide us with the valid credentials like ID and roll number. Also, the candidate needs to provide appropriate information about the nature of the exam and sufficient time to us for adequate preparation. Just this, and then you can relax, leaving all the anxiety related to exam to us. We work hard to ensure to score well on your behalf.

  • Does myCoursehelp rephrase the assignments?

    Any academic piece of work requires extensive research. We definitely use third-party resources in order to add weight to the arguments made. But such references are made in a valid and accepted manner. Every reference thus used is duly acknowledged. And in case of using any copyrighted material, a letter of approval is acquired well before. Thus the final work that you receive is an authentic outcome.


  • Does myCoursehelp offer any discounts on services rendered?

    Certainly, maintaining a goodwill is pious for any company, thus we do offer discounts to our customers but they come as a part of our special offer and are only available for a short period of time. One must constantly keep checking our website or enroll for our subscription letter on mail for any special deal.

  • Is there any special provision to make payments on myCoursehelp?

    No, we have quintessential interface for users to make payments. A customer can make payment by using our gateway and thus choosing any convenient option to make the final payment using Credit Cards, Debit Cards or PayPal account.

  • Is there any specific currencies that myCoursehelp prefers as a form of payment?

    Not per say. We keep as many options open to our students as possible for the sake of feasibility. Though most of our transactions take place in the form of US Dollars or Sterling Pound. But it does not mean that we do not accept any other currency. We also accept payment in Singapore Dollars, Australian dollars and even New Zealand Dollars. Our main prerogative is to make the user experience as smooth and convenient s possible.

  • Can I pay my total amount in easy instalments?

    Certainly, yes. We are a student-oriented service provider and thus we keep in mind the kind of difficulties a student might face. Thus we have flexible plans even in terms of making payment. This feature has certain terms and conditions attached to it. For availing feature of making payment in installments, one is required to pay at least 50 per cent of the total amount billed. The remaining half has to be made gradually on or before the date of receiving the work.

    For big orders amounting to more than or equal to 400 US Dollars, more flexibility is provided. In this case, a client can make the payment in 3 to 4 equal instalments but the condition here is that we do not deliver the assignment at one go. For every part of payment received, a section of work is also delivered and continues so on and forth.


  • When does myCoursehelp bill a customer?

    It depends on the type of subscription you have availed. We bill a customer at the beginning of any month/quarter/year, depending upon the type of subscription.

  • How to cancel the subscription?

    One can cancel the subscription and discontinue availing the services of myCoursehelp at any given point. In case you made the payment using Credit Card, you need to log in to your myCoursehelp account page and cancel the subscription there as well. In case you have made payment using PayPal Account, you need to cancel subscription on your PayPal account as well.

  • Can I change my Plan?

    Yes. Anytime you feel so. We are flexible in every possible way.

  • How to change the subscription plan?

    Cancel your existing subscription plan and buy a new one once you have successfully cancelled the existing one. You must note here that for every new subscription bought, you will be charged separately.