Computer Network Assignment Help

Computer Network Assignment Help

Computer networking is a vital topic for a computer science student. Students have to complete 10’s of computer networking assignments. Sadly, some students are unfit to finish their assignments. Why? A proper understanding of computer networking concepts is required to attempt its assignments. Without it, it is similar to a rookie shooting at the targets. He/she will often miss the target. Also, it includes a lot of written work which can make a student feel exhausted. So, students decide to ask for professional help. You can search for computer network assignment online but there is no guarantee of its quality. It’s safe for a student to look for computer network assignment help.

This brings us to our next question- Which company gives a sound computer network assignment help service? Well, that will be Mycoursehelp. Our computer network assignment experts have supreme knowledge & experience with computer networking and are more than happy to help the needy students.

What is computer networking?

Computer networking is a mixture of 2-3 computers and the necessary hardware devices which are connected to share the information. Earlier, we had to wait days to receive a message, but today, with the help of computer networking, you can get a message in a matter of a few minutes. The best example of a computer network is the internet and we all know what role it plays in our day to day life.

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What are the key sets of computer interconnection?

Topology is responsible for connecting a set of computers to a network. A topology is split into three major categories. Our experts cover all these categories in our service.

  1. Star topology- A central node is there which independently connects a set of computers. In case, there is some problem with the communications, it has no effect on the functioning of the computers.
  2. Bus topology- Network devices and a set of computers are connected to an individual cable. Because of this, every computer receives the message at the same moment.
  3. Ring topology- Every computer is connected to one another in a ring pattern. In case, there is some problem with the communications, it will have a negative impact on the functioning of the computers.

What are the main functions of computer networking?

Our computer network assignment experts have highlighted main functions of computer networking and some of them are stated below.

  1. Helps to share the files over the network.
  2. You can easily access and maintain the information among various users.
  3. Allows 3-4 users to access a printer device at the same time.
  4. Helps to communicate through multiple channels such as messaging, emails etc.

Our experts render you a detailed information on this topic.

What are the major categories of a computer network?

  1. Wide area network (WAN)- It is an essential computer network which can easily cover large blocks of an area. It can expand across provinces and even cover a whole country. It offers high speed to its users. You have to spend a heavy sum of money to use WAN. Most education, business and government institutions use WAN to transmit huge data.
  2. Local area network (LAN)- It has its own server and applications which are shared by the users. It generally works under an individual administrative system. Mostly, companies, universities and households use LAN. Best examples of LAN are internet and ethernet.
  3. Metropolitan area network (MAN)- MAN uses radio transmission and radio to connect two LANs. TV cable is the best example of MAN. It covers a smaller area as compared to WAN. MAN has a medium range which is perfect for constructing super high-speed networks for towns & cities.
  4. Wireless local area networks (WLAN)- There is only one difference between the functioning of LAN and WLAN. What is it? No wires are required to operate WLAN. It is totally wireless. Infrared signals and radio are the best examples of WLAN.
  5. Campus area network (CAM)- It connects all the LAN networks so that a file can be shared between various departments. CAM is a smaller type of MAN with an area coverage of about 9-13 kms.
  6. Personal area network (PAN)- PAN allows a user to communicate between 2-3 computers within a few meters. For example, your cell phone is connected to a scanner which is connected to your laptop.

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Which topics come in our computer network assignment help?

We cover all the major computer networking topics in our service. You can find some of them below.

  1. Network topology
  2. Server networking
  3. Applications of networks
  4. Network hardware
  5. Computer network types
  6. Devices of computer network

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