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You need to write a critical evaluation which should be between 1000 1500 words long Note your list of references or any appendix items

You need to write a critical evaluation, which should be between 1,000-1,500 words long. Note your list of references or any appendix items e.g. screenshots beneath the essay does not contribute to the word count. This is a critical analysis of your performance, that of your team and it should be contextualized. So this is analysis, rather than just stating the facts of what you did (as in the log). Here you need to consider the why (you took specific actions) and the how (you went about researching,

writing and creating original multimedia). It is good to reflect back on previous learning on the journalism course and any work experience you have done in a newsroom environment. You should reflect forward at the end of the essay (any changes you would make and self assess the quality of your own work and that of your team). You should provide an open and honest assessment about your performance and that of your team. It is important to evidence your opinions so when discussing the success or failure of a story you can include screenshots of audience data (analytics) from the site.

You will be given access to this. It is worth contextualizing your work in this module with wider journalism issues. You may wish to compare our site to a commercial rival. How do we compare? Consider what challenges you faced in our simulated newsroom environment and, specifically, how were they were resolved. You may wish to consider your leadership skills, any technical issues and the quality of team communication. Online journalism textbooks, such as the one written by one of your tutors , and websites can help in analyzing the key skills of a multimedia journalist. However, it is not essential to consult textbooks.

This is formal essay style. It is not a rant or an opinion article. If you comment on team members performance, it is good practice to do it on a no names basis. You will spend December working in convergence newsday. You may wish to think about the strengths and weaknesses of different media platforms (e.g. print, video, audio and web) when creating a narrative. It is not essential to include theory from textbooks, however it can be useful to apply theory to your own practice.

If you do decide to include any books, examples from other sites, data etc these should be referenced in Harvard style. The key thing with the evaluation is to be critical and reflective. If you wish to refer to work you did on the site you can include screenshots in an appendix. As mentioned,the list of references or appendix material does not add to the word count.

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