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You can use spark notes of watch a movie Movie is really similar to the book and its a good movie to watch This assignment asks you to produce

You can use spark notes of watch a movie. Movie is really similar to the book and its a good movie to watch.
This assignment asks you to produce a thesis-driven analysis, complemented by secondary sources, of an aspect of rhetoric in an assigned text. Assignment: Building on what you learned in the critical reading exercises, you will now write a more expansive rhetorical analysis of your primary text. Your essay may still be focused on genre (the form) if you like, or it may involve other aspects of the rhetorical situation. Remember that the Rhetorical Situation is the context (historical, political, social, scientific, etc) surrounding the primary text. Here are some specific ideas for our theme, but you are not limited to this:Some possible essay topics:–now the novel subverts traditional western characteristics-how the time period and setting play a role in the novel-how the Mexican drug trade plays a role in the novel-the guns in the novel-Archetypes, myth, or folklore in the novel-morality and moral codes in the novel-the relationship between the novel and the poem its based on (Sailing to Byzantium)-the effects of changes in the adaptation from novel to film on the central theme(s)Consider this assignment an opportunity to further explore and expand a line of analysis that you began with your Critical Reading exercises either in terms of genre or context, or both and then develop that analysis into a more complete and complex argument.The inclusion of secondary sources is intended to strengthen your argument in the context of academic discourse. You will weave relevant and credible sources smoothly into your argument so that it exists as part of an ongoing dialogue among multiple parties involving the text being analyzed. Basic requirements: The length of the essay should be 6-7 pages, typed and double-spaced, and presented in MLA format. A minimum of three (3) secondary sources, not including the primary text being analyzed, must be used to develop the essay. A Works Cited page of the sources you used for the essay as well as a Writers Memo should be included. TIPS: ANSWERING A RHETORICAL QUESTION:1. The Broad Contextual Question:–analyzes the context around the textEx: How does (Text) reflect the sociopolitical climate of (the era it is from)?
2. The Narrow Focus Audience Question:–analyzes what the text uses to deliver a message–or, what the text uses that is harmful to an audienceEx: How does (Text) uses (specific technique or techniques) in order to illustrate its purpose or message for a specific target audience?3. The Genre or Medium Question:–analyzes a change or specific attribute of the texts genre or mediumEx: How does (Text) bring something to the target audiences attention about the genre and/or medium by using (specific techniques)?

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