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write a carefully constructed critical exposition of Urmson’s article Saints and Heroes

write a carefully constructed critical exposition of Urmson’s article, “Saints and Heroes” Twelth Century Ethical Theory. The task of critical exegesis is two-fold: First, to explain the arguments presented by Urmson and second, to critically evaluate those arguments. you should devote roughly an equal amount of space to each task. you may organize your paper in whatever way seems best: you may do the explication first and then follow with criticism, or you may combine the two as you go along. whatever your chosen style, remember that it is important to demonstrate that you understand a point before you attack or support it.
keep in mind that the key to a well-written paper is a well-written introduction. A well-written introduction serves two purposes: 1) it stands alone as an account of the article in your own words, and 2) it serves as an introduction to your own paper by outlining the structure and organization of your paper. strive for a strong opening.
Somewhere in the body of your paper you should tackle general questions such as the following: Explication: (i) with what main problem is Urmson concerned? (ii) how is this problem related to other issues in value theory? (iii) are any key distinctions made? how does Urmson define central terms/concepts? (iv) what position or claims does Urmson attack/reject? (v) what argument, or arguments does Urmson offer in support of his position? (vi) Does Urmson make any key presuppositions or assumptions? (vii) what, is any, are the implications of accepting Urmson’s position? Evaluation (i) how well does Urmson set out his account of the issue? (ii) are there any defects in Urmson’s conception of the issues? (iii)Does Urmson provide the reader with persuasive and substantial grounds for accepting his argument an conclusion? Are there arguments valid and sound? Is the conclusion undeniable? (v) are you convinced of anything as a result of Urmson’s discussion? Explain why or why not. Do you, in the end, agree or disagree with Urmson? Be sure to provide an argument for your assessment.
You should strive for a clear and simple writing style. In general, try to use short and straightforward sentences rather than long or elaborate sentences. Also remember that any evaluative remarks (for example claims that a position is strong or weak, well-founded or not) should be backed by a brief explanation of why you think so. your explanation should be a carefully constructed argument, designed, to persuade your reader.

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