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Home / Questions / Workers of companies with over 100 employees are entitled to ________ if they are not give

Workers of companies with over 100 employees are entitled to ________ if they are not give

Workers of companies with over 100 employees are entitled to ________ if they are not given 60 days advance warning in cases of a mass separation.

A) 30 days income

B) 60 days income

C) 90 days income

D) continuing health benefits

104) Critics of the WARN Act argue that employees should not be given notification because:

A) litigation is more likely to occur.

B) employees will demand more pay.

C) employee productivity is likely to decline.

D) competitors may try to hire departing workers.

105) York Enterprises is a unionized firm on the verge of conducting layoffs. Which of the following factors is most likely the primary determinant in layoff decisions?

A) Age

B) Salary

C) Seniority

D) Performance

106) The use of seniority as a layoff criterion:

A) is not common among most modern organizations.

B) tends to impact women and minorities more than other groups.

C) tends to be the most difficult layoff criterion to implement.

D) is the only safe option in today's HRM legal environment.

107) The use of seniority as a layoff criterion has some drawbacks, including:

A) adverse impacts on white males.

B) the frequent contests from unions.

C) the loss of top performers.

D) documentation difficulties.

108) The use of performance as a layoff criterion:

A) usually protects firms from discrimination suits.

B) disproportionately affects women and minorities.

C) tends to eliminate older workers rather than younger workers.

D) can be problematic due to inconsistent management documentation.

109) Glenda has been an employee at your curtain manufacturing company for over 6 years. During the past six months, Glenda's productivity has decreased by almost 15 percent as documented by her manager. In addition, you need to reduce the workforce in order to trim employee costs. Your best option is to:

A) bump Glenda from her job with a younger employee.

B) use performance as the basis for laying off Glenda.

C) force Glenda to take early retirement.

D) offer Glenda incentives to quit.

110) When implementing a layoff, employees should first be informed:

A) through a company memo.

B) by their supervisor over the phone.

C) in a work unit meeting with HR present.

D) by their supervisor in a face-to-face meeting.

111) The information given in the initial meeting between a manager and an employee who is being laid off should include:

A) reasons why the employee is being laid off.

B) time for the employee to debate the layoff.

C) comments about the employee's recent appraisal.

D) how much severance pay the employee will receive.

112) While no time is a good time for a termination, the best time seems to be:

A) midweek.

B) Friday afternoon.

C) during vacation.

D) early in the workweek.

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