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Why does a skateboarder lean while negotiating a curve

Why does a skateboarder lean while negotiating a curve?

A. To keep from tipping over by making sure the net force on them is directed towards the skateboard.

B.It saves energy

C.It lowers air resistance

D. To lessen gravitational torque on their center of mass.


A squirt gun is a simple type of water pump in which a plunger attached to the trigger forces water out of a nozzle and across the room. When you squeeze the trigger of the gun, water squirts out of the nozzle because

A.the pressure inside the gun is higher than atmospheric pressure.

B.the water is compressed at the plunger so it must expand out the nozzle.

C. the Bernoulli effect causes the pressure of water leaving the nozzle to be less than atmospheric pressure.

D.the Bernoulli effect causes the water’s overall energy to increase as it travels through the narrow nozzle.

You go to a quick – fix garage to get your brakes worked on. When your tires are re – installed, the mechanic forgets to put the lug nuts on your tires. Although nobody gets hurt, a tire comes off your car when you are traveling fairly rapidly and it is able to roll through a very large distance, even hitting bumps and objects in the way. The tire can roll so far without tipping over because:

A. It is well inflated

B. of how much it weighs

C. Centrifigual Force

D. it acts like a Gyroscope


Please explain why Motor tricycles (Trike Bike)are the choice for new riders instead of traditional motorcycles

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