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Which personality type is well-organized, persistent, and practical; enjoys clerical and c

Which personality type is well-organized, persistent, and practical; enjoys clerical and computational activities that follow set procedures; enjoys the security of belonging to groups and organizations; and makes a good team member although does not usually aspire to high positions of leadership?

a.enterprising type

b.conventional type

  1.                 realistic type
  2.                organizational type



35.It is important to remember that career decision an ongoing process, rather than a step to be completed. a process by which you make one choice that you stay with permanently.

  1.                 involves implementing your career decision without fear.
  2.                is simply a matter of matching information about the world of work with your personality type.



36.Self-esteem can be eroded when a person

a.does not feel valued at work. prevented from working to her full potential.

c.has been laid off or has difficulty finding employment.

d.all of the above.



37.Three types of toxic working conditions are described in the text. They include all of the following except

a.  occupational.

b.  organizational.

c.   interpersonal.

d.  industrial.



38.Research on personality and situational variables that contribute to coworker abuse showed that

a. employees who view the world through a negative lens are likely to take out their frustrations on coworkers.

b. employees who abuse their coworkers are typically diagnosed with a mental illness.

c. the dynamics that lead to coworker abuse are rarely seen in large organizations, but often are seen in small companies.

d. employees who accuse their coworkers of abusing them are overreacting in the vast majority of cases.



39. Why is abusive supervision an even more challenging problem than coworker abuse?

a.    Supervisors are generally less likable people than one’s coworkers.

b.    There is a power differential inherent in the relationship between an employee and his or her supervisor.

c.     Abusive supervision happens on a much more frequent basis than coworker abuse.

d.     a and c



40.Bob made a decision that he must remain in a job that allows little scope for personal effort and satisfaction. It would be best if he

a.recognizes the fact that if he only had a job that he liked, then he would be fulfilled.

b.acknowledges that he feels trapped in an unfulfilling job.

  1.                 finds something outside the job that fulfills his need for recognition, significance, productivity, and excitement.
  2.                knows that job dissatisfaction always leads to physical or psychological illness.

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