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Which of the following terms refer to policies that provide benefits to all citizens who m

Which of the following terms refer to policies that provide benefits to all citizens who meet eligibility qualifications established by law?

a.Social safety nets

b.Block grants

c.Categorical grants

d.Entitlement programs

e.Public assistance programs


23.Which of the following terms refers to a policy that provides help to beneficiaries who meet a means test?

a.Entitlement program

b.Social security program

c.Block grant

d.Categorical grant

e.Public assistance program


24._____ refers to the collection of policies designed to meet the needs of poor and disadvantaged citizens in a nation.

a.Social safety net

b.Entitlement program

c.Social security program

d.Block grant

e.Categorical grant


25.What is the current lifetime limit on cash payments that individuals can receive under the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program?







26.The health care system in which the government collects revenues and pays the providers for services delivered to citizens is known as the _____ system.

a.regressive paying paying


d.regulated multi-payer

e.proportional paying


27.Health care systems where government regulates private health insurance companies that reimburse for medical services provided to citizens are known as _____ systems.


b.proportional paying paying

d.regressive paying

e.regulated multi-payer


28.Which of the following is true of the costs associated with health care?

a.The costs of developing new drugs and technologies are declining thereby reducing the health care costs.

b.People rely excessively on specialists to provide most medical care.

c.Majority of the Americans demand necessary care not all available care.

d.The various government health care programs have reduced the costs of treating the uninsured.

e.The administrative costs have declined because the U.S. system is highly centralized.


29.Which of the following statements is true regarding the politics involved in health care?

a.Parents’ plans provide coverage for children until age 21.

b.Employers with less than 100 workers need not offer health care.

c.Policy makers require that those not covered by an employer’s plan purchase coverage on their own.

d.Policy makers do not want the government to subsidize costs for those who do not qualify for Medicaid.

e.New regulations exempt the insurance companies from providing care for clients with preexisting conditions.


30.The Social Security program was a part of the:

a.Square Deal.

b.New Covenant.

c.New Frontier.

d.New Deal.

e.Fair Deal.


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