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Which of the following statements least describes play

 Which of the following statements least describes play?

a.Play contributes toward mastery as children practice skills.

b.Play provides occasions to work through emotions.

c.Play teaches specific skills, especially when teachers structure play situations.

d.Play offers opportunities to assimilate and integrate life experiences.

42.              Many experts have expressed concern that today’s children do not have enough opportunities to engage in play. This is because of

a.increased academic pressure in early childhood programs.

b.overuse of television and electronic devices.

c.over-scheduling of young children’s lives into adult-organized activities.

d.All of these answers.

43.              According to Mildred Parton’s research on children’s play,

a.older children never revert to earlier forms of play.

b.older children engage in earlier forms of play but at a more complex level.

c.only older children engage in social play.

d.“unoccupied behavior” is the most common play behavior of younger preschoolers.

44.              When children use similar materials or use toys in a similar manner but do not interact with each other, this play category is called

a.unoccupied behavior.c.associative play.

b.solitary play.d.parallel play.

45.              When children interact and even share some of their materials, but are not really engaged in a common activity, this play category is called

a.constructive play.c.associative play.

b.functional play.d.parallel play.

46.              Smilansky’s categories of play are based primarily on children’s increasing abilities in ____ development.


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