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Home / Questions / Which of the following levels is not included in Ben-Shahar’s multilevel recovery model?

Which of the following levels is not included in Ben-Shahar’s multilevel recovery model?

Which of the following levels is not included in Ben-Shahar’s multilevel recovery model?



  1.                 macrolevel
  2.                upperlevel



22.Women who are raped by people they know

a.generally do not feel guilt over the incident.

b.are never able to psychologically recover and trust again.

  1.                 do not take responsibility for what occurred.
  2.                take responsibility for the incident and are generally embarrassed or afraid of reporting the rape.



23._________ is considered to be repeated and unwanted sexually-oriented behavior in the form of comments, gestures, or physical contacts.

a.Sexual abuse

b.Sexual harassment

  1.                 Incest
  2.                Pre-rape behavior




24.The following is not true about sexual harassment:

a.Sexual harassment reduces people to objects to be demeaned.

b.Sexual harassment is an issue of abuse of the power differential between two people.

  1.                 The person doing the harassing may not see his behavior as problematic and may even joke about it.
  2.                Men experience sexual harassment more frequently than women.



25.The following is not an example of sexual harassment:

a.repeated and unwanted staring, comments, or propositions of a sexual nature.

b.conversations tinted with sexually suggestive innuendoes or double meanings.

  1.                 asking someone in the workplace for a date.
  2.                questions about one’s sexual behavior.



26. Which of the following events would be least likely to cause PTSD?

  1.                 a natural disaster
  2.                sexual assault
  3.                 a disagreement with a friend
  4.                a terrorist attack



27. _____________________ are _________________ symptoms of PTSD.

  1.                 Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, and nightmares; not
  2.                Intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, and nightmares; common
  3.                 Alienation, avoidance, and agitation; rare
  4.                Alienation, avoidance, and agitation; not




28. Which of the following statements is not true?

  1.                 Women are diagnosed with PTSD more often than men.
  2.                Today’s veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars show increased rates of PTSD.
  3.                 The vast majority of people who experience traumatic or tragic events do not develop PTSD.
  4.                Developing PTSD can be greatly reduced for most people if help is available within six months after the incident.



29. Adult survivors of childhood trauma

  1.                 need to tell their story and be heard if healing is to occur.
  2.                should not tell their story since it will stir up painful feelings and memories.
  3.                 should avoid group psychotherapy as a treatment modality due to their vulnerabilities.
  4.                have a relatively easy time separating their past trauma from their current realities.



30.Researchers have addressed the question of who stays well and why. Kobasa identified a personality pattern that is characterized by an appetite for challenge, a sense of commitment, and a strong sense of being in control of one’s lives. This personality style is considered





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