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Which of the following is true for shared content with version management? A) Content sh

 Which of the following is true for shared content with version management?

A) Content sharing methods that provide version management cannot accommodate concurrent work.

B) Version management systems provide version control.

C) Version management makes it impossible to know who changed the document and when.

D) Systems that provide version management track changes to documents.

12) ________ tracks changes to documents and provides features and functions to accommodate concurrent work.

A) Version management

B) Workflow regulation

C) Workspace management

D) Content regulation

13) Which of the following tools provides version management while sharing content?

A) shared files on servers

B) wikis

C) emails with attachments


14) Which of the following statements regarding Google Docs is true?

A) Google tracks document revisions, with brief summaries of changes made.

B) A Google account is not essential to edit Google Docs.

C) Google Docs is free to use, but an annual fee is charged for membership.

D) Microsoft Excel documents cannot be uploaded to Google Docs.

15) In version control systems, shared documents are placed into a shared directory called a ________.

A) work lab

B) library

C) workspace

D) Groove

16) Which of the following is true for document libraries?

A) They do not allow multiple users to edit a document simultaneously.

B) They do not offer a check-out, check-in facility.

C) They do not allow asynchronous content sharing.

D) They do not have the facility to track version histories.

17) Which of the following systems for sharing content provides version control?

A) Microsoft SharePoint

B) Google Docs

C) Windows Live SkyDrive

D) File Transfer Protocol

18) Which of the following is a use of surveys?

A) provide single repository for team documents

B) create a general-purpose list for tracking any resource

C) provide a means to synchronously discuss any issue

D) allow teams to verify understanding of project goals

19) Which of the following SharePoint features can be used to share and document team knowledge?

A) wiki

B) chat

C) survey

D) list

20) Of the following, which SharePoint feature is used to verify team members' understanding of goals and other project information?

A) document library

B) wiki

C) survey

D) blog

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