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Which of the following is the primary problem associated with workers compensation

Which of the following is the primary problem associated with workers' compensation?

A) Lengthy claim settlement

B) Employer and employee fraud

C) Lack of legal recourse for injured employees who want to appeal

D) Decreasing number of states providing workers' compensation insurance

13) Dow Construction wants to control its workers' compensation costs, which have increased significantly in the past few years. All of the following would be appropriate for Dow EXCEPT:

A) extending disability payments.

B) contesting potentially fraudulent claims.

C) providing on-site occupational health centers.

D) providing injury-prevention training to workers.


14) OSHA places three obligations on employers, including:

A) offering low-cost health insurance to injured workers.

B) keeping records of all occupational injuries and illnesses.

C) providing a pension for survivors of any employee killed on the job.

D) implementing non-smoking work environments in large firms.


15) The Cumberland Highlands Recreation Center (CHRC) has hired an independent lawn care company to maintain the county's softball and baseball parks. Merle, who works for the lawn care company, cut his hand very seriously while maintaining one of the ball fields. Which of the following is most likely true?

A) OSHA does not consider Merle an employee of CHRC.

B) Workers' compensation will not cover Merle's injury.

C) The CHRC will pay for Merle's workers' compensation.

D) The lawn care company will probably win if it sues the CHRC for Merle's worker compensation.


16) Owen, a manager at Metro Manufacturing, has an employee who is currently taking workers' compensation leave. It is Owen's responsibility to ensure that his employee's claim is legitimate. Which of the following actions would be LEAST effective for Owen's task?

A) Showing concern for the employee

B) Mandating that the employee return to work

C) Remaining in regular contact with the employee

D) Interviewing workers familiar with the employee's accident

17) Kingston Enterprises received a notice to provide information to employees about hazardous substances in the work environment. The notification was most likely in response to the:

A) Americans with Disabilities Act.

B) Occupational Safety and Hazard Act.

C) Hazard Communication Standard.



18) Which of the following requires employers to provide employees with information about hazardous substances in the workplace?

A) The doctrine of contributory negligence

B) The Hazardous Waste Act

C) Right-to-know regulations

D) The general duty provision of OSHA


19) According to the U.S. Supreme Court, employees:

A) may be cited for safety violations.

B) are not obligated to comply with their company's health and safety standards.

C) have the right to refuse to work under conditions in which they reasonably believe there is an immediate risk of injury or death.

D) are to be held liable for failing to report all hazardous conditions, injuries, or work-related illnesses to OSHA in a timely manner.


20) The government agency that develops occupational standards, grants variances to employers, conducts workplace inspections, and issues citations and penalties, is the:

A) Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

B) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

C) Hazard Communication Standards Commission.

D) Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


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