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Which of the following is the best example of appropriate training objectives

Which of the following is the best example of appropriate training objectives?

A) Managers will be aware of cultural diversity issues.

B) Managers will understand the ramifications of EEO law.

C) Managers will conduct personal problem-solving interviews.

D) Managers will respond to customer complaints by telephone within 24 hours.


32) The best training to ensure maximum transfer of learning to the job is:

A) computer-aided training.

B) simulation-based training.

C) classroom training.

D) on-the-job-training.

33) The major form of entry-level training in Europe is:

A) classroom.

B) computer based.

C) apprenticeships.

D) job rotation.


34) A kind of on-the-job training (OJT) that many college students are required to perform as part of their degree programs is:

A) apprenticeships.

B) internships.

C) job rotation.

D) job enrichment.


35) In the U.S., an apprenticeship would most likely be offered to:

A) carpenters.

B) graphic artists.

C) managers.

D) college students.


36) Which of the following is a disadvantage of OJT training?

A) Trainers lack effective teaching skills.

B) It is the most expensive type of training to conduct.

C) It tends to have the least transferability of learning the actual job.

D) Trainer-trainee relationships are strained due to customer pressures.

37) Netgear needs to provide EEO training to its middle managers. The complicated information requires extended periods of uninterrupted study. Which of the following would be most appropriate?


B) Job rotation

C) Off-the-job training

D) Mentoring by an experienced upper-level manager


38) The variability of quality and content of OJT between businesses:

A) is beneficial because of the increased diversity of abilities.

B) makes it difficult for managers to judge the skill level of workers from other firms.

C) makes OJT undesirable for small businesses that lack large HR departments.

D) makes OJT the best choice for most organizations because of the lack of distractions.


39) You are reviewing various ways to deliver EEO law training to about 400 managers. Managers need exposure to the material, and consistency of delivery is your key concern. Your best choice is the use of ________ for delivery.

A) slides

B) lecture

C) role play

D) a simulation


40) You have a number of new hires that need to learn about the company benefit plan. They are spread throughout six offices in different states across the country. Employees typically ask a number of questions about benefits regardless of the clarity of explanations by trainers. The best presentation option in this situation would be:

A) videotape.

B) teletraining.

C) computer-based training.

D) classroom-based training.

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