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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of U.S. labor relations

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of U.S. labor relations?

A) Labor contracts

B) Business unionism

C) Collective bargaining focus

D) Unions structured by region

37) Business unionism tends to focus on:

A) promoting union workers to a company's board of directors.

B) improving the economic welfare of union members.

C) improving the working conditions of managers.

D) increasing employee participation in company management.

38) U.S. unions tend to be organized by:

A) their political involvement.

B) the industry they are organizing.

C) the type of job at an organization.

D) geographic region in the country.

39) Under a ________, unions and management negotiate with each other in good faith to develop work rules for union members for a specific period of time.

A) labor contract

B) collective bargaining system

C) union acceptance strategy

D) distributive bargaining agreement

40) With a collective bargaining system, the U.S. government typically:

A) favors employers.

B) favors employees.

C) plays a neutral role.

D) mediates in all areas of bargaining.

41) In the U.S., workers' economic benefits have historically been established by:

A) labor contract negotiation.

B) federal legislation.

C) government contracts.

D) work rules.

42) The U.S. labor relations system is most similar to the:

A) Swedish labor relations system.

B) U.S. court system.

C) British parliamentary system.

D) German economic system.

43) At its peak in 1945, nearly ________ of the U.S. workforce was unionized.

A) 56%

B) 43%

C) 35%

D) 12%

44) Currently the union membership rate for public-sector work is ________, more than five times higher than the membership rate in the private sector.

A) 16%

B) 26%

C) 36%

D) 50%

45) Currently, the influence of unions in the United States is:

A) decreasing in the public and private sectors.

B) decreasing among government workers.

C) increasing in the private sector.

D) increasing in the public sector.

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