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Which of the following is a prediction about legal issues regarding employment in the U.S.

Which of the following is a prediction about legal issues regarding employment in the U.S.? 

A.The emphasis on eliminating discrimination is likely to end.


B.The focus will turn away from pre-employment tests.


C.There will be more focus on criminal background screening.


D.There are likely to be lesser challenges to race discrimination.


E.There will be less emphasis on discrimination against veterans.



72.Which of the following is a prediction about legal issues in the workplace in the U.S.? 

A.Workplace safety will receive lesser attention.


B.HR professionals will work independently without legal counsel.


C.There will be no penalty for not providing health care coverage.


D.Reporting and inspection requirements will decrease.


E.Health care reform will drive compliance issues.



73.Which of the following is one of the four characteristics of an ethical, successful company? 

A.The company gets the best deals, even to the detriment of its vendors.


B.It has a vision that employees may relate to but cannot use in their day-to-day-work.


C.The company emphasizes mutual benefits in its relationship with customers, clients, and vendors.


D.It works on the belief that one's own interest comes before considering interest of others.


E.It allows flexibility of ethical norms when the financial stakes involved are very high.



74.Which of the following acts sets strict rules for businesses especially for accounting practices that require more open and consistent disclosure of financial data and CEOs' assurance that the data is completely accurate? 

A.Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act


B.Glass-Steagall Act


C.Sarbanes-Oxley Act


D.Dodd-Frank Act


E.McCarran-Ferguson Act



75.Which of the following statements is true about the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002? 

A.In case of noncompliance, it limits charges to heavy fines; it does not include prison terms for executives.


B.Organizations spend millions of dollars each year to comply with regulations under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


C.It imposes no criminal penalty for corporate governing and accounting lapses.


D.Retaliation against whistle-blowers is not included as a violation under the law.


E.It was passed in response to illegal and unethical behavior by employees toward the management.



76.Which of the following is a core value of TQM? 

A.Methods are designed to meet the needs of external customers and not internal customers.


B.A few select employees in an organization are given training in quality.


C.Processes are designed such that errors are detected and corrected immediately after they occur.


D.The company promotes cooperation with vendors and customers to hold down costs.


E.Managers measure progress with feedback based on qualitative observations.



77.Exporting jobs from developed to less developed countries is known as _____. 












78.Which of the following, if true, would support reshoring as a strategy for a U.S. firm? 

A.Decreasing labor costs overseas


B.Increasing wage costs in the United States


C.Increasing public support in the United States for offshoring


D.Increasing transportation costs


E.Decreasing cost of living overseas



79.Which of the following is a concern caused by Gen-Y generation employees using social networking tools? 

A.Knowledge sharing is suppressed


B.Creating online expert communities


C.Loss of expert knowledge


D.Best practices are not shared


E.Lower productivity



80.Which of the following is true of virtual teams? 

A.They are typically situated in the same location.


B.They usually work in the same time zone.


C.They can work well without relying on technology.


D.They do not include partnership with competitors.


E.They allow projects to be worked on 24 hours a day.

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