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Home / Questions / Which of the following functions suggests that Congress checks the actions of both, presid

Which of the following functions suggests that Congress checks the actions of both, presid

Which of the following functions suggests that Congress checks the actions of both, presidents and bureaucrats?

a.Executive oversight

b.Demographic representation


d.Constituency service

e.Descriptive representation


13.The _____ clause is a constitutional provision that provided Congress with flexibility, allowing it to determine which new areas of national need it would address and which areas of government activity it would move into to fulfill its responsibilities.



c.equal protection

d.privileges and immunities



14. Which of the following is true about impeachment?

a.The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court presides over all the cases of impeachment.

b.President can use his pardoning powers against impeachment.

c.Since 1789, the House has initiated impeachment proceedings only thrice.

d.President pro tempore of the Senate presides over the proceedings for impeachment of a president.

e.The Senate, serving as judge and jury in impeachment trials, votes on the charges with a two-thirds majority required for removal.


15. Countries like Aranka, Branzal, Camon, and Manama, have two legislative chambers. These chambers reflect different parts of society or political grouping. These countries are examples of _____.


b.unified legislature

c.bicameral legislature

d.cross legislature

e.autocratic government system


16._____ is the only state in the United States with a unicameral legislature.







17.Which of the following is true about congressional sessions?

a.Based on the election cycle of House members, each session of Congress is numbered according to the two-year term when a new Congress is elected.

b.An action on any legislation introduced during the previous two years need not be completed if the new Congress disagrees with the decisions of its predecessor.

c.Rank-and-file members, party leaders, committees, subcommittees, and congressional staff members are present in every congressional session.

d.Congressional sessions comprise only members of the House.

e.The Constitution requires the Congress to meet at least thrice each year in the capital.


18.Which of the following is true of congressional member organization?

a.They are formed by legislators of different states with similar economic interests.

b.These are formal organizations.

c.House members do not belong to these groups.

d.Senate members do not belong to these groups.

e.They are formed by legislators from the same state with various interests.


19._____ is a measure of how often a majority of Republican legislators vote against a majority of Democrat legislators.

a.Power of the purse

b.Party unity





20.Party caucus is the term used by _____ referring to the meeting of all party members.

a.Senate Democrats

b.House Democrats

c.Senate Republicans

d.House Republicans

e.the president


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