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Home / Questions / Which of the following features refers to the Schengen area in the EU?

Which of the following features refers to the Schengen area in the EU?

Which of the following features refers to the Schengen area in the EU?

a.A passport-free travel zone

b.An open migration zone for workers

c.A common currency zone

d.A Non-EU members’ zone




22.The Euro is currently used in _____.

a.all EU member countries

b.all European countries

c.17 EU countries

d.Schengen countries only




23.Which of the following regions describes the euro zone?

a.A region that comprises EU members without a common currency

b.A region that comprises all EU members

c.A region that has passport-free traveling

d.A region that has a common currency




24.In which of the following types of economic integration systems will the establishment of a common currency be possible?

a.Customs union

b.Economic union

c.Free trade area

d.Common market




25.Which of the following is an effect of adopting the euro as a currency for EU members?

a.It implements independent monetary policies for each nation.

b.It provides unlimited flexibility in fiscal policy making.

c.It increases currency conversion costs.

d.It facilitates direct and transparent price comparison.




26.The _____ is a free trade agreement among Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

a.Andean Community



d.Commonwealth of Independent States




27.Which of the following is true of the customs unions in South America?

a.The Andean Community’s largest trading partner is China.

b.Mercosur is more pro-free trade than the Andean Community.

c.Andean Community and Mercosur countries are today integrated into the FTAA.

d.Mercosur is relatively more protectionist than the Andean Community.




28.Which of the following South American countries pulled out of the Andean Community and joined Mercosur in 2006?








29.CAFTA refers to _____.

a.a regional integration mechanism integrating two existing customs unions (Andean Community and Mercosur) in South America

b.a free trade agreement between the United States and five Central American countries and the Dominican Republic

c.a proposed free trade area for the entire Western Hemisphere

d.a proposed customs union between nations that are present near the Pacific Ocean




30.Which of the following is true of the Union of South American Nations (USAN)?

a.It is made of nations that are not present in either the Andean Community or Mercosur.

b.It is a proposed integration of Mercosur and the Andean Community.

c.It is a proposed free trade area integrating the Andean Community and ASEAN.

d.Its integration mechanism is modeled after the NAFTA.




31.Which of the following is the economic trade agreement between Australia and New Zealand?








32._____ is the organization underpinning regional economic integration in Southeast Asia.








33.Inspired by the EU’s success, ASEAN set up an FTA called _____ in 1992.








34._____ refers to the official title for regional economic integration involving 21 member economies around the Pacific.








35.Which of the following countries is an original signatory of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

a.The United States of America




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