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Which of the following does not hinder economic development low birth rates

 Which of the following does not hinder economic development?

a.low birth rates

b.low saving

c.lack of infrastructure

d.low levels of technology

e.the importance of tradition

32.              Which of the following does not hinder economic development?

a.lack of education

b.poor agricultural productivity

c.low investment in human capital

d.lack of technology

e.good nutrition

33.              Less-developed countries are poor for all of the following reasons except

a.their technology is less than modern

b.labor productivity is low

c.investment funds flow into agriculture projects

d.relatively little investment in human capital

e.the labor force is too small

35.              The population explosion in many LDCs is best explained by

a.rising death rates and high birth rates

b.declining marriage rates

c.declining death rates and stable birth rates

d.women who marry at a later age

e.low dependency ratios

36.              If the death rate and the birth rate both fall, then

a.the population growth rate falls

b.the population growth rate rises

c.per capita GDP rises

d.per capita GDP falls

e.the effects on population or GDP growth cannot be determined from the information

37.              Investment in health, education, and skills is called investment in

a.human capital


c.modern social technology

d.real social capital

e.physical and mental capital

39.              All of the following are ways in which government can promote economic development


a.investing in human capital

b.nationalizing industries to create efficiency

c.encouraging competition

d.providing an infrastructure

e.promoting saving and investment


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