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Which of the following civil rights activists formed the Southern Christian Leadership Con

Which of the following civil rights activists formed the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in 1957?

a.Martin Luther King, Jr

b.Ralph Abernathy

c.Ella Baker

d.Stokley Carmichael

e.Eugene Debs


22.The _____ carried out the Freedom Rides that begun in 1961 to test a 1960 Supreme Court ruling that struck down racial segregation in interstate passenger transportation on the grounds that it violated the federal Interstate Commerce Act.

a.Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

b.Congress of Racial Equality

c.National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

d.Ku Klux Klan

e.Legal Defense and Education Fund


23.Which of the following acts barred arbitrary discrimination in voter registration?

a.The Lilly Ledbetter Act

b.The Bennett Amendment of 1963

c.The Civil Liberties Act

d.The Enforcement Act

e.The Civil Rights Act of 1964


24.The _____ provided federal oversight of state and local elections in areas where a pattern of discrimination had been held.

a.Bennett Amendment

b.Civil Liberties Act

c.Voting Rights Act

d.Civil Rights Act

e.Lilly Ledbetter Act


25.The _____ convention issued the Declaration of Sentiments concerning the rights of women that was modeled on the Declaration of Independence.

a.Seneca Falls






26.The women’s suffrage movement was a drive to grant women the right to:

a.inherit ancestral property.


d.own property.

e.marry by choice.


27.The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created by the:

a.Administrative Procedure Act.

b.Lilly Ledbetter Act.

c.Dawes Act.

d.Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

e.Civil Rights Act of 1964.


28.Which of the following was a proposed constitutional amendment that would have guaranteed that the government could not deny or abridge the rights of women on account of their sex?

a.The Blaine Amendment

b.The Bricker Amendment

c.The Equal Rights Amendment

d.The Bennett Amendment

e.The Corwin Amendment


29. The Supreme Court uses _____ when a law treats someone differently because of race and ethnicity.

a.exacting scrutiny

b.intermediate scrutiny

c.the line-item test

d.strict scrutiny

e.the rational basis test


30.Tyra feels that she was denied employment because she was African American. Which of the following would the courts apply if Tyra were to fight her case in court?

a.Strict scrutiny

b.   Equal Pay Act

c.Rational basis test

d.Equal protection clause

e.Equal Rights Amendment

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