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Which important agricultural substance comes from the atmosphere nitrate phosphate

Which important agricultural substance comes from the atmosphere?






12.For which of the following mineral resources is the United States most dependent on imports?






13.Under which act or law was the EPA's superfund developed for cleanup of the worst toxic or hazardous waste sites?

a.The General Mining Law of 1872





14.What is an EIR?

a.Extraordinary Igneous Resource

b.Engineering Industry Report

c.Environmental Impact Report

d.Extractable Industrial Resource

e.Environmentally Irreversible

15.What is the name given to broken fragments of waste rock removed during mining operations?






16.Judge the following sentence according to the criteria given below: Economically exploitable deposits of aluminum are restricted to a few highly localized geological sites BECAUSE bauxite only forms when volcanic activity vents fluids to the surface as black smokers.

a.The assertion and the reason are both correct, and the reason is valid.

b.The assertion and the reason are both correct, but the reason is invalid.

c.The assertion is correct, but the reason is incorrect.

d.The assertion is incorrect, but the reason is correct.

e.Both the assertion and the reason are incorrect.

17.Why is crushed limestone used in the remediation of sulfide waste rock?

a.The limestone forms a highly impermeable barrier.

b.The limestone neutralizes the acid that forms.

c.The limestone converts to marble and can be sold.

d.Native grasses and plants grow directly out of the limestone.

e.The sulfide waste rock will oxidize into limestone.

18.Which of the following statements regarding mineral resources is false?

a.Mineral resources occur only in particular places.

b.Mineral resources form due to unique geologic conditions.

c.Mineral resources are nearly inexhaustible.

d.Mineral resource exploitation has environmental consequences.

e.Mineral resource exploitation requires a long-term investment.

19.Exploitation of which of the following gold deposits did NOT pollute the environment with cyanide?

a.Zortman-Landusky Mine, Montana

b.Omai Mine, Guyana

c.Amazon Basin, Brazil

d.Summitville, Colorado

e.Baia Mare, Romania

20.Which environmental impact of underground mining is considered to be the most serious?

a.underground explosions

b.underground flooding

c.acid mine drainage

d.ground subsidence

e.overburden collapse

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