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Which are the two primary pressures MNEs confront?

Which are the two primary pressures MNEs confront?

a.Ethics and governance

b.Cost reductions and local responsiveness

c.Liability of foreignness and investment risk

d.Ethics and local responsiveness




2.When an MNE is locally responsive, _____.

a.the local government’s involvement reduces

b.regulations are loosened

c.innovations are limited

d.costs increase




3.Which of the following strategies is often known as “international strategy”?


b.Global standardization


d.Home replication




4.Which of the following is a disadvantage of the home replication strategy?

a.It lacks local responsiveness.

b.It is organizationally complex and difficult to implement.

c.It focuses too much on the foreign country.

d.It has higher costs due to duplication of efforts in multiple countries.




5.Which strategy is best for environments where there are clear differences among national and regional markets and there is a low pressure for cost reduction?

a.Home replication strategy

b.Localization strategy

c.Global standardization strategy

d.International strategy




6.Which of the following strategies is usually the first one adopted when firms venture abroad?

a.Global strategy

b.Home replication strategy

c.Localization strategy

d.Transnational strategy




7.The _____ strategy is an extension of the home replication strategy.








8.The _____ strategy is also known as multidomestic strategy.

a.home replication







9.The _____ strategy focuses on development and distribution of standardized products worldwide to reap maximum benefits from low-cost advantages.



c.home replication

d.global standardization




10.The _____ strategy focuses on a number of foreign countries/regions, each of which is regarded as a standalone market worthy of significant attention and adaptation.


b.home replication



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