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When a child with a severe visual impairment is part of your early childhood class, it is

 When a child with a severe visual impairment is part of your early childhood class, it is best to

a.provide a consistent, uncluttered environment with landmarks that the child can recognize through touch.

b.make sure a teacher is always with the child when the child moves around the classroom.

c.encourage the child to participate in sedentary activities for which she does not need to move around too much.

d.teach the other children to guide the child if she wishes to move to another part of the room.

22.              Very young children are sensory learners, still learning basic skills; therefore, it is not recommended that computers be used with children under the age of


23.              Computer use for young children is

a.inherently good.

b.inherently bad.

c.dependent on the teacher’s wisdom in structuring its use in the classroom.

d.not conducive to socialization, so it should be planned with caution.

24.              The instructions for specific programs or activities on the computer are called

a.hardware.c.external drives.

25.              “Green” Playscapes contain

a.Neither statement is correct.

b.a variety of plants, pathways, open areas, sand, water, and structures that promote dramatic and cooperative play.

c.promote creative, cooperative, and imaginative play.

d.Both statements are correct.

26.              A developmentally appropriate computer program for young children should

a.allow the child, as an active participant, to control the direction of the activity.

b.provide clear written instructions.

c.provide lots of extrinsic rewards.

d.correct errors for the child.

27.              Good materials for young children should

a.promote active involvement.

b.generally be aimed at a clearly defined skill level. most instances have a clear, single purpose.

d.clearly convey to children whether they are intended for boys or girls.

28.              Props for various themes (for instance, health, grocery store, or bakery) can be

a.collected into a fingerplay file.

b.stored in specially made and uniformly sized boxes.

c.bought from appropriate stores or agencies (e.g., a hospital, grocery store, bakery, and so on).

d.organized into dramatic play kits.

29.              Children’s growing sense of independence is supported when:

a.either of these things occurs.

b.they can confidently and competently use equipment. and materials are arranged so they can see what is available and make autonomous choices.

d.neither of these things occurs.

30.              Room arrangement may be affected by

a.Both of these factors.

b.The amount of natural light available through windows

c.Shape of the room.

d.Neither of these things.

31.              One of the most important measures to help decrease the incidence of illness among children in group care is

a.careful hand washing by teachers and children.

b.providing tissues to children with respiratory infections.

c.not allowing toddlers to share toys.

d.prohibit children from attending if they are sick.

32.              Toddlers will benefit from play items that

a.have a single purpose.c.promote vocabulary building.

b.are designed primarily to entertain.d.are highly similar to one another.

33.              Homemade materials

a.are difficult to adapt to the specific interests or needs of the children.

b.are often far less expensive than store bought materials.

c.should be avoided.

d.should resemble store-bought materials as closely as possible.

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