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What type of organizational structure is this most likely to have occurred in?...

Chase was quite pleased. He was instrumental in redesigning the organization and implementing the communication program. He arranged for small-group meetings so that employees could understand the need for reorganization. The process took him nearly a month of continuous meetings, but the response was favorable. The employees cooperated and helped make the transition very smooth. After six weeks, the first productivity report showed a fifteen percent decrease in expenses, and morale seemed stable. The agency had plans to administer a work-climate study after twelve months. Chase was immersed in the glowing productivity report when his assistant, Suzanne, walked in his office.

"Here they are, fresh off the presses, our first run since the reorganization," Suzanne chirped.

Chase looked up from his desk puzzled, "What?"

"The performance review reminders," Suzanne responded. "You know, every month we get a printout for those employees due for their annual performance review. They have little computer-generated postcards that we send out to the managers."

"Oh, right, right. Go ahead and send them out," Chase said, still preoccupied with his productivity report.

Several days later he got a call from Gordon Fishman, the information officer.

"Say, Chase," Gordon began, "I just got the computer reminder to give Krista Reed, one of my former clerks, her performance review. Since we reorganized, Krista doesn't work for me any more."

Krista was fairly far down in the organization, so her name would not show up on the major charts. Chase remembered hiring her about three years ago for a simple, routine clerk job. She was rather plain, not very bright, but quite pleasant. When her performance reviews had crossed his desk, there was nothing unusual. They were mostly peppered with satisfactories. She had received only one promotion in three years and tended to blend right into the agency.

"Well, what happened to her?" Chase asked.

"I'm not really sure, but I think she's reporting to Bill Acton in Administration. Try him" Gordon responded.

Chase looked up Bill's extension. "Say, Bill, this is Chase Vidmar. We have a performance appraisal due on Krista Reed, and I understand she reports to you now."

"Krista Reed: Nope, not me. I think she was shipped over to Tracy Karras after the reorganization. Give Tracy a call," Bill suggested.

Chase tapped out Tracy's four-digit extension. "Ms. Karras's office, Jane speaking."

"Hi, Jane, this is Chase Vidmar. Is Tracy available?"

"Sorry, Mr. Vidmar, but Tracy is out of the office at a meeting with one of our vendors."

"Oh,” he paused, "well, maybe you can help me. Does Krista Reed report to your section?"

"That name doesn't sound familiar, but I'll check. Can you hold?"


Chase waited while he scanned his own personnel computer runs. There was Krista Reed's name all right. She still retained Gordon Fishman's budget code, but the section reassignment code was blank. That's why the performance appraisal reminder defaulted to Gordon. "Where the hell could she be?" he thought.

Jane returned to the line. "Sorry, Mr. Vidmar, but we don't have her here."

"Thanks, Jane." Chase rang off and sat at his desk bewildered. The agency had over two thousand people and he wasn't about to send out a missing-rewards memo on Krista. She was getting her paycheck. That must be a clue.

"Rats," he thought, after he checked with payroll. "My luck, she has her pay direct-deposited, with the confirmation mailed to her home. "Her home," he thought, "maybe she's at home. I'll try there." For an entire week Chase periodically called Krista's number - no answer or busy. He was getting very frustrated.

Chase usually worked through his lunch, grabbing some junk food from the vending machine. Today he felt especially hungry for some reason, so he ventured into the employee cafeteria. He filled his tray from the deli bar and passed through the register.

Seated a few tables from the register was Krista Reed! Chase couldn't believe his eyes. His surprise almost caused him to set his Coke off balance. He regained control and casually sauntered over to Krista, who was seated with some other women. There was an available seat across from her.

"Mind if I join you?" Chase asked politely.

"Sure, no problem," Krista smiled.

"So, Krista, it's been a long time since we've talked. How have you been?"

"Pretty good."

"So where are you working now that we've reorganized?" he asked.

"I'm glad you asked," she responded sincerely. "When everyone got their printout of where to be reassigned, the section for me was blank. My boss was tied up in meetings that day, so I didn't get to discuss it with him. Even though the move wasn't scheduled for two weeks, I wasn't able to get to him because I left that Friday for my two-week vacation. So, when I returned, everyone was in his or her new offices, and my boss, as you know, was shipped over to Building G across the complex. My section was split three ways, so I didn't even know which group to follow and haven't known what to do. I've felt really lost and kind of upset that the agency has forgotten about me. So I just came to work and visited with friends in the various break rooms, and then I'd sit through all three lunch sessions. That part has been a lot of fun, but to tell the truth, I've been getting kinda bored."

"That's terrible, Krista," Chase feigned sympathetically.

"And not only that," she added, "with all these lunches I've eaten over the past several weeks, I've gained nearly eight pounds!"

Chase was astounded. He knew Krista wasn't a rocket scientist, but how could she spend over a month occupying her day having one long lunch, just hoping someone might notice? Incredibly, no one did notice, and Krista appeared deadly serious and wholly sincere. Rather than embarrass himself and the whole agency for the major snafu, Chase politely suggested to Krista that she return with him to his office. He reviewed the organizational design study and determined where Krista should logically be located. Chase contacted the section manager and notified him that he was sending Krista on up. The he put a change action through to the computer to ensure that the elusive Krista would once again have a home.


Discussion Questions:


1. What type of organizational structure is this most likely to have occurred in?


2. What organizational response should have taken place to prevent this situation?


3. Do you believe this could happen in a restructuring company?



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