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What is the primary benefit of using Web-based employee attitude surveys

What is the primary benefit of using Web-based employee attitude surveys?

A) Providing immediate feedback to managers

B) Ensuring the privacy of collected results

C) Protecting the firm from legal actions

D) Supplementing informal feedback

77) According to research, workers in which of the following countries are LEAST happy with their jobs and employers?

A) U.S.

B) Japan

C) Germany

D) Switzerland

78) What is the most informal appeals tool that a company can use?

A) Speak-up program

B) Open door program

C) Grievance panel

D) Ombudsman

79) The speak-up program at CIGNA is an open door policy that:

A) requires employees to begin with their supervisors.

B) provides access through HR to upper management.

C) uses e-mail for anonymous management feedback.

D) lets workers jump directly to upper management.

80) Sanjay has a complaint about his work schedule. His company requires him to go before a group of his peers and managers, other than his own boss, to explain his complaint. This is an example of a(n):

A) speak-up program.

B) open door program.

C) grievance panel.

D) ombudsman program.

81) Which of the following would most likely make a final and binding decision in a union grievance procedure?

A) Local judicial court

B) Panel of managers

C) Union leader

D) Arbitrator

82) It is estimated that about ________ of a firm's employees are troubled at any one time.

A) 5%

B) 10%

C) 25%

D) 40%

83) The first step in the use of an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to:

A) refer the employee to an EAP counselor.

B) put the employee on corrective action.

C) identify the troubled employee.

D) seek a solution to the problem.

84) Which of the following is most likely a symptom of a troubled employee?

A) Early departures from work

B) Unusual on-the-job accidents

C) Altercations with co-workers

D) All of the above

85) Which of the following is a true statement about EAP programs?

A) The majority of EAP referrals are made by supervisors.

B) Employment laws require firms to have EAP programs.

C) Employees cannot be terminated if they participate in EAP programs.

D) Employees are more likely to use on-site instead of off-site EAP programs.

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