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What is software engineering? Explain the relevance of software project management...

Question One (Compulsory) [30 marks]
a) What is software engineering? [2 marks]
b) Explain the relevance of software project management. [3 marks]
c) Explain why professional software is not just the programs that are developed for a
customer. [3 marks]
d) What is a software requirements document? [3 marks]
e) Explain the use of prototypes in requirements definition phase. [2 marks]
f) When enhancing an existing software application, what is the best software
development model/methodology is most suitable. Explain your answer. [3 marks]
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g) Explain the following types of software requirements:
(i) Functional requirements [3 marks]
(ii) Non-functional requirements [3 marks]
h) Explain how you, as a user interface designer, might get feedback on an interface
before coding even starts. [2 marks]
i) Explain the difference between adaptive maintenance and corrective maintenance.
[3 marks]
j) Explain the importance of component testing and integration testing in software
development. [3 marks]
k) Explain why keeping all members of a group informed about progress and technical
decisions in a project can improve group cohesiveness. [3 marks]
Question Two [20 marks]
(a) In professional software project management, explain what constitutes a good
group. Explain the benefits of a cohesive group. [6 marks]
(b) Explain software management distinctions from other disciplines such as civil and
structural engineering. [9 marks]
(c) Quality of software product is seen to be a key indicator of good software. Explain
the possible indicators of a good quality software system. [5 marks]
Question Three [20 marks]
(a) What are the benefits of involving users in release testing at an early stage in the
testing process? Are there disadvantages in user involvement? [9 marks]
(b) Explain why it is not necessary for a program to be completely free of defects before
it is delivered to its customers. [5 marks]
(c) Explain any three benefits of software prototyping.


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