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What California Supreme Court decision ruled that employees who meet certain criteria, inc

What California Supreme Court decision ruled that employees who meet certain criteria, including longevity, promotions, raises, and favorable reviews, can show an "implied-in-fact" contract and can be dismissed only for good cause?

A) Anderson v IBM

B) Guz v Bechtel National, Inc

C) Foley v Interactive Data Corporation

D) Smith v Interactive Systems


12) What California Supreme Court decision ruled that the Foley criteria established years earlier do not, in and of themselves, "constitute a contractual guarantee of future employment security?"

A) Berger v Smith & Western

B) Guz v Bechtel National, Inc.

C) Noe v California School Board

D) Phelps v General Motors


13) What state has effectively ended employment at will?

A) Montana

B) Colorado

C) Oregon

D) Washington


14) What is the probationary period in Montana after which an employee may not be terminated except for good cause?

A) 3 months

B) 6 months

C) 9 months

D) 12 months


15) Under Montana's Wrongful Discharge from Employment Act, lost wages and benefits are capped at how many years?

A) one year

B) two years

C) three years

D) four years

16) The courts have made certain exceptions to the employment-at-will doctrine. Which of the following is one of those exceptions?

A) prohibiting terminations in violation of public policy

B) permitting employees to bring claims based on representations made in employment handbooks

C) permitting claims based on the common-law doctrine of good faith and fair dealing

D) all of the above


17) Telling a person during job interviews such as, "You can expect to hold this job as long as you want" could be considered a ________ and grounds for a lawsuit.

A) ethical breach

B) fundamental breach

C) contractual agreement

D) responsibility agreement


18) To provide general protection from wrongful discharge litigation, one action employers can take is to eliminate from application blanks any statements suggesting

A) racial discrimination.

B) job security.

C) advantages of being union free.

D) sexual discrimination.


19) The state of employee self-control and orderly conduct that indicates the extent of genuine teamwork within an organization is referred to as

A) disciplinary action.

B) discipline.

C) punishment.

D) internal employee relations.


20) Discipline refers to

A) the punishment provided by an organization.

B) the state of employee self-control present in an organization.

C) the threat of punishment made by managers.

D) conditions which exist only in the military.

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