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Vanguard Health Care Inv (VGHCX) Ongoing Fees (management and administrative) Minimum init

Hello everyone, 

I need help with academic writing (introduction) and description of a mutual fund (VGHCX). I have gathered most(but not all) of the information in an excel table, attached for this project. I need a 2-2,5 pages description of the fund with the following structure:

1. start date

2. asset class

3. asset alocation

4. fund style , size , country of origin (headquaters address), top 5 sectors the fund operates in (this fund has less than 3 so top 5 is actually top 3 :)

5. portfolio allocation

6. investment strategy

7. top 3 holdings

8. current fund manager name and how long he-she has been in charge, ongoing fund fees and minimum investment.

9. risk and return (standard deviation and annualized average return).

10. analyst oppinion from at least 2 sourses ( for example morningstar and yahoo finance)

Most of the information is available in the excel file, but I do need someone with very good academic english to wrap up the text around it, write a good description of the fund using the provided data and gather the missing information (analist oppinions, starting date, fund manager and investment strategy i believe). I need this done relatively quick while I'm working on the main part of the assignment, as I have a deadline to meet tomorrow and I'm not sure if I will have time to write the intro on time.

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