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Under the balanced scorecard approach, an organization’s performance is measured using all

Under the balanced scorecard approach, an organization’s performance is measured using all of the following categories EXCEPT the ____ perspective.

b.learning and growth

d.internal business processes

72.Which of the following statements is TRUE about the balanced scorecard approach to measurement of HR performance?

a.The balanced scorecard approach stresses the measurement of qualitative HR contributions rather than rather than tangible or financial contributions of HR.

b.The balanced scorecard helps an organization understand the cost/benefit payoffs of its HR activities.

c.The balanced scorecard approach eliminates most of the subjectivity involved in measuring the strategic performance of HR in an organization.

d.A major advantage of the balanced scorecard approach is the speed with which it can be implemented.

73.Revenue divided by full time employee equivalents is

a.a way to calculate HR’s intangible contribution to the organization.

b.a measure of employee productivity.

c.return on investment in employees.

d.human economic value added.

74.As director of HR for a large regional car dealership with 10 locations, Ed must calculate the potential return on investment (ROI) of implementing a new training program to improve car salespersons’ effectiveness in convincing new car buyers to finance the car through the dealership. In order to calculate the ROI of the new training program, he needs to collect all of the following data EXCEPT

a.the cost of developing and implementing the new training program.

b.the dollar value of potential additional new car financing through the dealership in the year following the training program.

c.the costs of running update seminars on the new methods for salespersons for one year following the initial training.

d.the cost of outsourcing training programs for car salespersons.

75.The return on investment calculation shows the value of expenditures for HR activities. It also shows

a.whether the HR department is effective in meeting organizational goals. long it will take a particular HR activity to pay for itself.

c.the value added per each HR staff member.

d.human capital value added

76.The new CEO of the firm has told the vice president of HR that all HR activities must use the cost of capital as the benchmark against which their the returns from the activities are measured. The new CEO is implementing

a.the balanced scorecard

b.human economic value added (HEVA).

c.return on investment (ROI).

d.return on assets (ROA).

77.ROI is the organization’s

a.return on interest.

b.return on innovation.

c.return on investment.

d.return on intangible assets.

78.In order to calculate the wealth created per employee, one must divide ___________ by the organization’s full time headcount.

a.shareholder’s equity profit after taxes minus cost of capital

c.revenue minus (operating expense minus (compensation plus benefits cost))

d.value of gains from productivity improvement for the time period

79.A(n) ____ is a formal research effort that evaluates the current state of HR management in an organization.

a.HR audit

b.benchmarking study

c.human capital return on investment calculation

d.utility analysis

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