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Tyrese has just measured Cambridge Corporation workforce. He is now trying to determ

Tyrese has just measured Cambridge Corporation's workforce. He is now trying to determine whether the tests he used are valid by comparing them to performance appraisals that supervisors have completed on the workers. He is attempting to find the:

A) predictive validity of the tests.

B) concurrent validity of the tests.

C) content validity of the tests.

D) reliability of the tests.

83) Sebastian is concerned about his most recent hires at Anderson Brothers Company. He believed that by basing his selection on job-knowledge tests administered during the interview, he would have few problems with inept hires and would find the best employee for each position. He has found though, that the eight employees who were hired during the last hiring period each have had complaints about lack of competence and job knowledge. This most likely indicates that the tests lack:

A) reliability.

B) internal validity.

C) external validity.

D) predictive validity.

84) Which of the following is the LEAST effective predictor of job performance?

A) Application questionnaires

B) Recommendation letters

C) Personality tests

D) Honesty tests

85) A biodata form is a type of:

A) ability test.

B) psychological test.

C) reference check.

D) application form.

86) Which of the following subjects is appropriate to address on an application form?

A) Age

B) Race

C) Education

D) National origin

87) Which of the following would be most appropriate to measure a job candidate's math and verbal skills?

A) Honesty test

B) Application form

C) Cognitive ability test

D) Work sample test

88) Which of the following is important for an employer to remember when reading letters of recommendation about job applicants?

A) The more positive a letter is, the better the candidate.

B) A poor letter of recommendation should be ignored.

C) The content of the letter is more important than its positivity.

D) Letters of recommendation are highly related to job performance.

89) Which of the following is an example of a direct performance test?

A) A general cognitive ability test

B) A work sample test

C) A physical ability test

D) The Meyers-Brigg Type Indicator

90) Which activity would most likely be required of job applicants taking a work sample test?

A) Participating in an in-basket exercise

B) Assembling and disassembling a small motor

C) Discussing ethical situations with a manager

D) Answering questions about engineering processes

91) Which personality trait is most related to job performance?

A) Conscientiousness

B) Emotional stability

C) Agreeableness

D) Extroversion

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