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To enhance the employee conscientiousness factor that influences the motivation to learn,

To enhance the employee conscientiousness factor that influences the motivation to learn, an organization should: 

A.share their performance appraisal information with them.


B.encourage them to provide feedback to each other.


C.provide resources necessary for training content to be used in their work.


D.communicate the need for learning.


E.provide remedial training to them.



52.Which of the following factors that influence motivation deals with the employee's tendency to be reliable, hardworking, self-disciplined, and persistent? 



B.Basic skills


C.Benefits of training


D.Awareness of training needs


E.Goal orientation



53._____ refers to on-the-job use of knowledge, skills, and behaviors learned in training. 

A.Information absorption


B.Transfer of training


C.Cognitive adoption


D.Hands-on learning


E.Learning management



54.Concept maps showing relationship among ideas and visual images are tools that can be best used: understand opportunities for practice. gain insights by working on the job directly.


C.for program coordination and administration. commit training content to memory. share feedback about employees' performance.



55.Which of the following is true of an action plan for training? 

A.It is a graphic representation of the stages in training.


B.It is a verbal agreement that emphasizes the goals of training.


C.It is a written document that ensures training transfers to the job.


D.It is a verbal agreement among trainers on the training methods to be used.


E.It is a personal statement made by an employee on his goals for training.



56.Which of the following is true of a support network in training? 

A.It is the support that managers from different teams offer to trainees.


B.It is the support system built by an organization to support knowledge transfer.


C.It is the support that trainers offer to employees within the training program.


D.It is the support that trainers offer to employees to transfer training to the job.


E.It is the support that trainees give one another to discuss their progress.



57.Action plans are developed to facilitate _____. 

A.instructional design


B.program presentation


C.transfer of training program evaluation


E.conditions for learning



58.Which of the following refers to computer applications that can be used to provide skills training and expert advice? 

A.Learning management systems


B.Application management systems


C.Electronic performance support systems


D.Knowledge transfer management systems


E.Network analysis management systems



59.Which of the following is true of the presentation method of training? 

A.Trainees are active participants in preparing the training module.


B.This method of training does not include distance learning.


C.Gadgets such as smart phones and tablets cannot be used in this method.


D.They are ideal for presenting only old facts and existing knowledge.


E.They can be used to transfer alternative problem-solving solutions.



60.Which of the following is true of instructor-led classroom instructions? 

A.This method of training has lost popularity due to new technologies such as interactive video instructions.


B.Traditional classroom instruction is one of the most expensive methods of training.


C.This is one of the least time consuming ways to present information.


D.The more passive the trainees are in absorbing the instruction, the more they can use the information on the job.


E.Computer-based instructions have made instructor-led classroom instructions obsolete.

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