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These are the 12 Determinants of Health 1 Income and Social Status 2 Social Support Networks 3 Education and Literacy 4 Employment

These are the 12 Determinants of Health:
1. Income and Social Status
2. Social Support Networks
3. Education and Literacy
4. Employment/Working Conditions
5. Social Environments
6. Physical Environments
7. Personal Health Practices and Coping Skills
8. Healthy Child Development
9. Biology and Genetic Endowment
10. Health Services
11. Gender
12. Culture
Building Healthy Communities
Determinants of Health PART 1 Wheel of Health Report
: According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, Our understanding of what makes and keeps people healthy continues to evolve and be further refined. A population health approach reflects the evidence that factors outside the health care system or sector significantly affect health. It considers the entire range of individual and collective factors and conditions and their interactions
This project will provide an opportunity for learners to become familiar with their communities attention to the determinants of health, while considering the value of a comprehensive and collaborative approach to address community health and wellness. Learners are encouraged to consider the positioning of recreation and leisure programs and services as they work through this project.
Students in this assignment will:
a) Name and describe each determinant of health (in your own words do not copy paste)
b) Provide an example for each of the determinants of health via an initiative/service/program occurring in a community (preference to your home community: Pictou County/Antigonish County Nova Scotia). Brochures, photographs, drawings and stories from your local community should be included to provide specific information on each determinant. You may discover as you conduct your research that there is a significant gap (s) in service per a determinant in this instance you are expected to provide a critical discussion of why this might be the case.
c) Prepare a typed report depicting the information from a & b.

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