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There is no specified format for research proposals but the following areas are usually covered

There is no specified format for research proposals but the following areas are usually covered:
1. A proposed title study Biomechanics Risk Factors for reinjury Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction.
2. Aims/ research questions
We need at least 10 aims as my supervisor said and he will choose some of them.
1- to examine muscle strength after ACL reconstruction.?
2- to measure symmetrical muscle strength.?
3- to measure balance or proprioception.? 3. A summary background covering a literature review:Main title in this section is :
ACLI renjury Risk Factor :
A. Biomechancal risk factors with evidences
b.What other risks are there? This could include risks of the original injury, or of re-injury.
Could there be other environmental risk factors, or possibly family risk factors that could be studied? with evidences This study will be prospective or retrospective studies why you choose this, need explanation.
I am thinking to do this research for athletes ( the university team for football and basketball).
Athletes who later Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction after 5 months, because in this time they will back to sports or activities and we will expected they maybe get reinjury in this period of time. We will get the sample from athletes( university team) to evaluate biomechanics outcome after ACL reconstruction in the university lab,after that send them to do their rutten sports and activities and give them some education program and ACLR exercise protocol( I need your advice in this evaluate) maybe ask them to back for reassessment after period of time .
in the lab what we can evaluate and assessment ?
From risk factor: we can imagine what we maybe measure in lab.?
– during cutting moving for knee joint we can measure Torque and moment by Dynamometer (need more details and explanation )
-Consider measurements of strength that can be done i.e. peak power, but also fatigue resistance to name but two. What has been measured in the literature already?
We can use Body Mass Index (BMI), BUT HOW AND WHAY. -Balance / proprioception – how can this be assessed? WHY ? What is equipment we can use?
-Laxity of the reconstructed graft – how can this be assessed? Possible equipment we can use:
1- vicon ( nexus 2 vicon)?
2- dynamometer?
You can add more . 4. Outline of research methods proposed (including indication of participants, data collection and analysis). 5-Important articles and its very useful and you have to used it because my supervisor asked name to use it: 1-A Dynamic Model of Etiology in Sport Injury: The Recursive Nature of Risk and Causation
Meeuwisse, Willem H MD, PhD; Tyreman, Hugh BSc; Hagel, Brent PhD; Emery, Carolyn BScPT, PhD

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