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The word rhetoric has been around since ancient times Today the actual word is often used in academic settings and

The word rhetoric has been around since ancient times. Today, the actual word is often used in academic settings and (A LOT) in politicswhere sometimes it is referred to in a negative sense. But rhetoric is everywhere any type of communication/interaction is happening. In this assignment, your task is to explain what rhetoric is and how it works.
The Assignment:
First, along with reflection on our class materials, put some real thought into how human interaction, especially persuasion, happens around you (or by you!). It will be useful to look at a specific situation that really sticks in your mind and determine the purpose of the interaction, the needs, and the values of the people involved. How then, was the content of that communication/interaction shaped?
For this paper, your job is to work toward an understanding of what rhetoric is and explain how it works. You will need to supply in [[ your own words]] your definition of the term rhetoric, which along with your reasons will serve as a claim that you will defend and support by drawing on the readings weve done in class and personal experience. You can also use one appropriate and credible outside source (but make sure you cite it) to help ground your explanations. FYI: You CAN cite someone elses definition as yours, [[but your thesis should not be the definition. It SHOULD reasons why you understand how rhetoric works (so list some reasons)]]. Your conclusion is to speculate on why understanding rhetoric might help you as a writer.
Thus, your paper should contain, at minimum, the following:
A brief introduction that sets up context for your paper and includes a definition of rhetoric. It may help to think of your reasons for buying that definition as your thesis statement that you will support in the body of your paper.
A thorough description of a particular situation that you were directly involved in or one that you witnessed that helps you explain how rhetoric works. This does not necessarily have to involve anything written, especially considering that rhetoric is involved when any type of human interaction is taking place. Make sure you use as much space as you need to explain how this situation embodies your definition of rhetoric. Your readers should be able to follow along easily and clearly understand why you define the term as you do.
A conclusion in where you speculate on why understanding rhetoric might help you as a writer. Do NOT rehash what you just said in the paper. Your conclusion goes beyond that.
At least two citations (though you can have more)one of which must come from [[the Writing about Writing book]]. ((its name is UCF WRITES: A HDBK
FOR WRITING AT UCF>C)). You are not required to use an outside source, but you do have that option.
Perfect MLA throughout the entire paper. Suggested Readings:
These reading assignments are ones we will be covering in class while this paper assignment progresses. They are presented in a rough order of when they will be introduced or discussed, or may be used in online discussion posts. However, feel free to read them in any order you like. Unless otherwise specified, all readings are contained in Writing About Writing.
As something of a primer, the first 4 readings are more academic, in that they are seeking to define Rhetoric and the reading and writing process. That isnt to say they are impersonal, but their goals are to define terms and how we can think about and utilize concepts of rhetoric. The second 4 are varying essays taken from personal experiences of the authors, generally concerned with the process of becoming literate; many of these works come from positions of marginalized groups and voices, and it can help you think about the point of rhetoric to consider why these authors place such a value on being literate and the impact is has on their identity, personhood, and ideas of self.
-Carroll: Backpacks and Briefcases (On Webcourses)

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