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The was the collection of programs introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. a

The _____ was the collection of programs introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

a.Fair Deal

b.Square Deal

c.New Covenant

d.New Frontier ‎

e.New Deal


32._____ is a government program that spreads the risk of income loss or illness across a broad population rather than requiring each individual to bear the risk alone.

a.Categorical grant

b.Social insurance program

c.Public assistance program

d.Social safety net

e.Block grant


33.A(n) _____ was an automatic increase in benefits paid by Social Security to retirees to keep pace with rising prices.

a.cost of carrying adjustment

b.dividend recapitalization

c.cost of living adjustment

d.amortization schedule



34.Many of the Americans born between 1946 and 1964, are the children of families started after soldiers who had served in World War II returned home. These people belong to:

a.Generation Y.

b.the millennial generation.

c.the generation of echo boomers.

d.the baby boom generation.

e.Generation X.


35.Today’s U.S. energy needs are met primarily by:

a.wind power.

b.carbon-based fossil fuel.

c.nuclear electric power.

d.hydroelectric power. power.


36.Energy _____ refers to the ability of the United States to meet its own energy needs.





37.Greenhouse gases:

a.protect the earth.

b.are used as rocket propellants.

c.are alternative fuels.

d.are required for combustion.

e.warm the earth.


38.Which of the following statements is true regarding nuclear power?

a.The United States was the first country to operate a nuclear-powered commercial electric generating plant.

b.Nuclear-generated power is usually costlier than that provided by burning fossil fuels.

c.Nuclear-generated power produces carbon dioxide and other gases associated with global warming.

d.Waste materials obtained after generation of electricity from nuclear fuel tend to be radioactive for millions of years.

e.The nuclear energy generated in the United States constitutes nearly one-tenth of all the nuclear energy generated in the world.


39._____ is a strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage technological innovation by allowing industries to emit carbon dioxide and to buy and sell pollution permits.

a.Renewable portfolio standard


c.Tax credit


e.Cap and trade system


40.During the Civil War, Congress set aside land to provide financial support for higher education in the _____Act, which led to the establishment of “land grant colleges.”



c.Elementary and Secondary Education

d.No Child Left Behind

e.America COMPETES

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