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The was a federal education program following World War II that paid the college tui

The _____ was a federal education program following World War II that paid the college tuition fees of former servicemen and women.

a.America COMPETES Act

b.G.I. Bill

c.Buddy aid

d.Paxen learning program

e.Bridge program


42.The _____ Act provided substantial funding for students attending schools in economically depressed urban and rural areas.

a.America COMPETES


c.Elementary and Secondary Education




43.Which of the following terms refer(s) to President George W. Bush’s education reforms adopted by Congress in 2001 that monitored student progress toward mastery of state-defined math, reading, and science standards?

a.National Education Initiative

b.Improving America’s Schools

c.Social Welfare Scheme

d.No Child Left Behind

e.Developmental Education Program


44. Which of the following is true of the problems associated with education in the United States?

a.U.S. students trail the performance of other nations’ students in math and science.

b.White students trail African-American and Hispanic students.

c.Higher-income students trail low-income students.

d.The mandates issued by the government have brought parity between disabled and non-disabled students.

e.Families have the least impact on student learning.


45._____ refers to education policies that hold educators individually or collectively responsible for the progress made by their students.



c.Check and balance

d.Direct primary



46.Racial separation in the schools that results from official policies of states or localities is known as _____ segregation. jure facto litem

d.ex tempore

e.ipso jure


47.The educational policies in the state of Myst state that there should be separate schools for black students because such schools would be more sensitive toward their culture and their social and economic background. This is an example of _____ segregation. litem jure facto

d.ipso jure

e.ex tempore


48.Racial separation in the schools that results from the private decisions of citizens on where to live is known as _____ segregation. litem facto jure

d.ipso jure

e.ex tempore


49.The Hispanic people in the state of Argonia prefer to live in the county of Silia. As a result, most of the students in the schools in Silia are Hispanic. This is an example of _____ segregation.

a.ex tempore

b.ipso jure facto jure litem


50.President Barack Obama’s special program, _____, placed greater emphasis on finding ways to improve the performance of schools whose students were lagging.

a.Upward Bound


c.Race to the Top


e.Head Start

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