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The relationship between the British Canadian and Provincial Crowns governments and Status First Nations and

The relationship between the British, Canadian and Provincial Crowns (governments), and Status First Nations and Mtis peoples began before the confederation of this country (Canada). READ the segments of Question 2 very carefully so you understand what I am asking for thank you. Answer as fully as you can.
Over the last few weeks I have built a layered story of how the following Acts, Proclamation and Order built upon each other in relation to Status First Nations and Mtis peoples and ‘Indian title.’
Using all of the following, answer the questions below. Be sure to identify each as you include it.
a) Royal Proclamation, 1763
b) Act for the Better Protection of the Lands and Property of Indians in Lower Canada, 1850,
c) British North America Act, 1867 Sec 91(24)
d) Rupertsland and North-Western Territory Order, 1870 (Term 14)
e) Manitoba Act, 1870 (Sec 31, the Children’s Land Grant)
f) Indian Act, 1876,
g) Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, 1930, and
h) Constitution Act, 1982 Sec 25 and Sec 35
Q1. What is Indian title? (No Wikipedia answer full story)
Q2. In one double spaced four page (maximum) essay tell me a story that: (22%)
a) Identifies the significance of each listed above, and how each contributes to building relationship with Status First Nations peoples;
b) describe, how, like a series of stairs, they build upon each other while building and transforming government relationships with Status First Nations;
c) some also relate to the place of Mtis rights within this story, identify which ones and how, and
d) how and why does it all relate to the development of treaties in this country.
Note: Please answer each questions number-by-number thanks.
Q2. Should be writing in form of Essay, using the question 2 to formulate a four pages Essay!

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