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The process of fibrinolysi

The process of fibrinolysis

A) activates fibrinogen.

B) draws torn edges of damaged tissue closer together.

C) dissolves clots.

D) forms emboli.

E) forms thrombi.

42) Tissue factor is released in the

A) extrinsic pathway.

B) intrinsic pathway.

C) common pathway.

D) retraction pathway.

E) fibrinolytic pathway.

Match the following plasma proteins with the correct function.


A. albumins

B. globulins

C. fibrinogen

D. transferrin

E. antibodies


43) contribute(s) significantly to osmotic pressure of plasma

44) help(s) defend the body against germs

45) essential to the process of blood clotting

46) bind(s) with iron in the blood

47) a category that includes clotting factors and enzymes

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