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The primary purpose of NIOSH is to

The primary purpose of NIOSH is to:

A) oversee state safety programs.

B) research safety and health problems.

C) handle employee citation appeals.

D) fine employers for unsafe conditions.

36) OSHA inspectors are planning a surprise inspection at a steel mill. Which of the following is most likely true?

A) The steel mill management has the right to demand a search warrant.

B) The employer must prevent inspectors from entering the building according to federal law.

C) Surprise inspections are illegal except in cases of "imminent danger" in the workplace.

D) The inspectors will not have the right to question employers or employees.

37) After contacting OSHA to request a free consultation, the next step for an employer is to:

A) review the findings of the inspection and look for areas that can be improved.

B) discuss the consultant's role and the employer's obligations under the service.

C) examine workplace conditions and schedule meetings with employees.

D) assess the penalties for the business' safety violations.

38) If an employer wants OSHA's free consulting service, it must first:

A) have an outstanding violation.

B) be identified as eligible by NIOSH.

C) conduct a self-audit of workplace safety.

D) contact the OSHA consultant and request help.

39) Once it has been reported that a firm has violated OSHA standards, the firm's stock prices typically:

A) remain the same.

B) suffer long-term effects.

C) drop for several days.

D) increase in the short-term.

40) Which of the following handles employer appeals of OSHA citations, abatement periods, and penalties?

A) Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission

B) National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

C) Hazard Communication Standards Commission

D) Occupational Safety and Health Administration

41) The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is responsible for which of the following?

A) Enforcing safety regulations throughout the United States

B) Creating new health and safety standards

C) Developing state workers' compensation programs

D) Performing safety inspections of businesses

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