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The present study has prepared a short report considering the intercultural communication process...

The present study has prepared a short report considering the intercultural communication process of the firm MNZ Enterprise, Australia. The current position of the firm and ground data analysis has been made conducting the present study. In order to draw a potential inference on the current communication issue, a recorded interview has been evaluated by the current researcher. The social judgement persuasion and narrative transmission theory has been utilised while interviewing the current personnel. Additionally, employee motivation, time management issues and different formal and informal work culture have also been mentioned in the current study. Considering the analysis, the findings have been gathered and the analysis has been made regarding the impact of the intercultural communication within the firm. Finally, a potential conclusion has been made by the present researcher.

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GrammarlyRGerpoarmt gemneraatreldy on Wed, 01 Jun 2016 18:45Page 1 of 4 DOCUMENTSCORE 96 of 100 ISSUES FOUND IN THIS TEXT 6 No errors Contextual Spelling0 No errors Grammar0 No errors Punctuation0 1 Sentence Structure Misplaced Words or Phrases1 3 Style Passive Voice Misuse3 2 Vocabulary enhancement Word Choice2GrammarlyRGerpoarmt gemneraatreldy on Wed, 01 Jun 2016 18:45Page 2 of 4 4.0 Findings and Discussion: 1 Dangling modifier Assessing the set of questionnaire, it has been found that the 12 2 Passive voice restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants and has a highly competitive marketplace in Australia (Grebelsky-Lichtman, 2013). The first question reflects that the interviewee, Ms Jenny has been working as a manager in the restaurants for four years. Next, she stated that she had studied management before entering the job field. She 3 3 Repeated word could link what she had considered in her management course with the job role. As a result, she is very much enjoying the job in the workplace with the most cooperative staff members. Furthermore, as a reply to the next question, Jenny answered that as she was a former management student, so that, she could handle the entire job role very well. She also wants to continue the job in future as the learning things are helping Jenny while working as a manager in the MNZ Enterprise. 4 Passive voice On the other hand, while the interviewer was asked about the 4 workplace related issues with the staff or customer, Jenny replied that there are different types of problems like a communication problem, behavioural issues, etc. But the management of the firm quickly mitigates those issues by organising a meeting in the weekend with the staffs, along with that deals with the customers patiently to reduce the issues. After that, about the new staff members of the organisation, the manager responded that the management provides adequate training for the development of the new people. Along with that, a continuous process o...



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