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Home / Questions / The percentage of people chosen relative to the total number of people tested gives the __

The percentage of people chosen relative to the total number of people tested gives the __

The percentage of people chosen relative to the total number of people tested gives the _____ ratio. 












52.The utility of any test generally _____ as the selection ratio gets lower. 





C.remains the same


D.becomes zero


E.becomes negative



53.The _____ protects individuals from discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, and national origin with respect to hiring as well as compensation and working conditions. 

A.False Claims Act


B.Civil Rights Act of 1991


C.Age Discrimination in Employment Act


D.Americans with Disabilities Act


E.Rehabilitation Act of 1973



54.The _____ defines employers' explicit obligation to establish the business necessity of any neutral-appearing selection method that has had adverse impact on groups specified by the law. 

A.Rehabilitation Act of 1973


B.Patriot Act


C.Civil Rights Act of 1991


D.Volstead Act


E.No-FEAR Act of 2002



55.The _____ allows the individual filing the complaint to have a jury decide whether he or she may recover punitive damages (in addition to lost wages and benefits) for emotional injuries caused by the discrimination. 

A.Civil Rights Act of 1871


B.Age Discrimination in Employment Act


C.Americans with Disabilities Act


D.Civil Rights Act of 1991


E.Civil Rights Act of 1964



56.Which of the following acts explicitly prohibits the granting of preferential treatment to minority groups? 

A.The Civil Rights Act of 1964


B.The Tenure of Office Act of 1867


C.The Judiciary Act of 1801


D.The Third Liberty Bond Act of 1918


E.The Civil Rights Act of 1991



57.As per the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, if any neutral-appearing practice happens to have adverse impact on those over 40, the employer must _____. business necessity to avoid a guilty verdict


B.make accommodations despite facing hardships


C.facilitate pre-mature retirement for the employees


D.compensate the employee prior to court trials


E.provide special incentives to the suffering employees



58.The Age Discrimination in Employment Act does NOT: 

A.permit business necessity as a ground to avoid a guilty verdict.


B.protect younger workers.


C.allow for jury trials.


D.allow punitive damages.


E.permit promotions based on performance.



59.The Americans with Disabilities Act _____. 

A.protects individuals with physical disabilities but not mental disabilities


B.does not require an organization to make accommodations that cause undue hardship


C.demands affirmative action to increase representation of minorities


D.does not require that employers make reasonable accommodation for disabled individuals


E.requires organizations to make all accommodations necessary to ensure that individuals with disabilities are represented in the company



60.Which of the following legislations prohibit discrimination and mandates that employers take affirmative actions to hire qualified minority applicants? 

A.The Federal Tort Claims Act


B.The Revenue Act of 1913


C.Executive order 11246


D.The Federal Reserve Act


E.The Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution

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