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The parental message that suggests to the child that he or she is the wrong sex, shape, si

The parental message that suggests to the child that he or she is the wrong sex, shape, size, or color, or has ideas or feelings that are unacceptable to parental figures, is

a.“Don’t belong.”

b.“Don’t be you.”

  1.                 “Don’t be close.”
  2.                “Don’t be a child.”



12.Which of the following concepts in not associated with the feminist approach?


b.disconnection empathy and mutual empowerment scripts



13.The concept of autonomy includes the concept(s) of:



c.rewriting one’s life script.

d.both (a) and (b).



14.In transactional analysis, the theory is built on the assumption that adults make decisions:

a.only after they have explored their unconscious wishes and fears.

b.based on past premises. accordance with the demands placed on them by society. early childhood, which once made, are unable to be changed.



15.Rational emotive behavior therapy and other cognitive-behavioral therapies are based on the premise that emotional and behavioral problems are:

a.originally learned from significant others during childhood.

b.a result of childhood trauma.

c.a natural consequence of the human condition.

d.rooted in unconscious fears.

e.a reflection of unrealistic societal expectations.



16.According to the self-in-context view, the major aim during __________ is being able to engage in intimate relationships and find satisfying work.

a.early adulthood

b.middle adulthood

c.late middle age

d.late adulthood



17._______ was the developer of rational emotive behavior therapy.

a.Abraham Maslow

b.Eric Berne

  1.                 Albert Ellis
  2.                Carl Rogers



18.According to practitioners of rational emotive behavior therapy, our emotional upsets are

a.caused by traumatic events in life.

b.caused by rejection from those we love.

  1.                 caused by regression into childhood behavior.
  2.                the result of our faulty thinking.



19.Rational emotive behavior therapy teaches people how to

a.evaluate early childhood survival roles.

b.dispute irrational beliefs.

  1.                 challenge faulty injunctions.
  2.                control actual life events that upset us.



20.According to Ellis, most of our irrational ideas that create emotional problems are due to “musts” such as

a.“I must perform well and win the approval of important people, or else I am an inadequate person”

b.“Others must treat me fairly and considerately.”

  1.                 “My life must be easy and pleasant. I need and must have the things I want, or life is unbearable”
  2.                all of the above.

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