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The organization chosen is FedEx Corporation which is an American MNC It is in the business.

The organization chosen is FedEx Corporation which is an American MNC It is in the business of courier delivery service such as overnight shipping service and provides real-time updates on package location. It believes that its success has been because of the efficiency of its employees. In 1973, it developed the People-Service-Profit philosophy of rendering extreme care of its employees. It tracks satisfaction of its employees through annual Survey-Feedback-Action (SFA).Adter the survey, employees and management sit together and address problems resolve them.(
It adopts a strategy for creating, implementing and evaluating of the decisions in order to achieve its long-term and short-term objective. The major strategic consideration of organization strategy may include the following
• The re-configuration, strategic relationships and reach extension will be necessary to achieve the desired strategy
• Need of new kills and capabilities and the change required to cope-up new skills and capabilities
• The corporate culture needed
• The way of integrating the operational activities
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Human resource factor is key to successful implementation of of the strategy The organizations articulate strategies by communicating the same to those responsible for developing relevant action steps, At the same time, the HRM knows the impact of each new strategy has on the needs of the employee.
Recruitment & Selection
HRN has the ability to attract, select and recruit persons the right knowledge, skills and attitude who will contribute their best effort to support the organization strategy. A good fit will contribute to visible improvement in productivity and profitability. Proper planning, process, technique and process add value to the organization.
HRM Best Practices
In the best Fit practice, HE policies us aligned with business strategy by focusing on both the needs of its employees and th needs of the organization. The Best Practice adopts certain pre-set guidelines for HR activities that support the organization get a competitive edge, irrespective of the organization setting (Redmn & Wilsin, 2009)
Jeffry Pfeffer has written two books on HR best prcice; Competitive Advantage through People (1994) and the Human Equation: Putting people first (1998). According to the book, the following are the 7 best Pracices
1. Provision of lob as well as physical security t employees
2. Putting the right peg in the right hole, by hiring the right people
3. Effective and self-managed team
4. Fair performance, based o performance
5. Imparting on-the job training, covering the relevant skills
6. Easy accessibility of information to those who need it
7. Creation of an egalitarian and flat organization
8. Reduction in status difference
9. Encourage learning and development reward appropriately for super performance
10. Open communication



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