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The New Jersey Plan differed from the Virginia Plan in that the New Jersey Plan called for

The New Jersey Plan differed from the Virginia Plan in that the New Jersey Plan called for:

a.replacing the Articles of Confederation.

b.replacing the one-state/one-vote system of voting in the national legislature.

c.strong executive branch comprising multiple officers chosen by state legislatures rather than by Congress.

d.representatives to the legislature being elected by people rather than by state legislatures.

e.maintaining a unicameral legislature.


33.According to the New Jersey Plan, the _____ was to consist of one principal tribunal, with judges appointed for life by the Executive branch.

a.Supreme Court

b.House 2

c.Unicameral legislature

d.Council of Representatives

e.House 1


34.To lure small southern states to accept the idea of proportional representation, James Wilson introduced the _____ Compromise.







35.The _____ Compromise called for a bicameral legislature with a different method for determining representation in each house and different procedures for selecting representatives in each house.







36.According to the Great Compromise:

a.all legislations dealing with raising and spending money would originate in the upper house.

b.the Virginia Plan would prevail in the upper house.

c.the New Jersey Plan would prevail in the lower house.

d.the representation would be proportional in the lower house.

e.the representatives would be selected by state legislatures in the lower house.


37.Which of the following is true of the Electoral College?

a.The number of electors in a state would be equal to its number of representatives.

b.The senators from a state would not be considered to calculate the number of electors in the state.

c.It would choose the vice president but not the president.

d.The Committee on Postponed Matters disapproved the idea of an electoral college.

e.Each state would select the electors according to rules established by its own state legislature.


38.The Constitution:

a.created one Supreme Court.

b.opposed the idea of creating other, lower federal courts.

c.wanted the Electoral College to nominate the Judges for the Supreme Court.

d.wanted the Senate to have no say in the confirmation of the Judges.

e.favored that all powers should vest with the national government.


39.A(n) _____ form of government is one in which power rests with the people, but where the people rule only indirectly through elected representatives bound by the rule of law.






40.The Basin City government has given its citizens the right to choose their representatives. These representatives believe in the idea that laws, rather than the whims or personal interests of officials, should determine the government’s actions. Basin City is an example of a(n):






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