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The module is called Project Management Skills Please kindly see the details below The main assessment for this module will take the form of a 2500 word assignment and a short reflective account

The module is called Project Management Skills . Please kindly see the details below:


The main assessment for this module will take the form of a 2,500 word assignment and a short reflective account (roughly 500 words), making 3,000 words in total. The reflective element will include reflection on your learning, your own practice or a combination of the two. Further guidance will be given on this.


The assignment gives you the opportunity to focus on one or more of the different topics covered during the module, to develop your own evaluations of both practice and theory, and to reflect on your learning.


Please answer one of the following questions and specify which question you are addressing on your title page.


Question 1 Every new project constitutes some sort of change. Discuss the importance of understanding change management for the Project Manager.


Question 2 Discuss the argument that project management is no different from project leadership. Support you argument with reference to the increasing literature on leadership.


Question 3 Outline the challenges faced by the Project Manager in communicating with the project team and project stakeholders. Discuss ways in which project communications more might be managed effectively with reference to the project management cycle.


Question 4 Distinguish between blueprint and process approaches to project management. What different demands do they imply for managing the ‘people side’ of projects?


Project Management Skills ID-7091D


Reflective Account (sub-section for Assessment 1 – 500 words).

Assignments provide the opportunity for a number of elements of learning.

• You can demonstrate your knowledge of a topic;

• You can demonstrate your understanding of the texts and ideas you have across during your reading.

• You can apply particular models, concepts and ideas to situations you are presented with or situation with which you are familiar.

• You can also provide a critique of the ideas you have encountered and discussed.


The reflective account is a short piece in addition to these which provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your thinking and learning further and to introduce your own personal thoughts. Reflective accounts play in increasing role in Professional Development in a number of professions. They are used to demonstrate continuing development and learning.


In this case, the reflective account enables you to note particular things which have interested you or puzzled you which you might not have come across before. It also stimulates you to consider how your own experience and learning preferences might influence your reading of particular ideas. For example, if I have a background in engineering I may see one particular theory in one light, whilst my colleague with a background in e.g. political science, might see it slightly differently. Our own situations and experiences or work and life more generally, influence how we perceive and process ideas. The reflective piece in the assignment is the written expression of some of the mental processes you have gone through as part of your learning.


You might want to comment on issues such as:

• How ideas from the module match or differ from your own project experience and life experience

• Issues which you found particularly interesting or challenging or controversial and why you found them so.

• How your feelings or ideas have altered or been confirmed as a result of this assignment.

• How you might have applied the ideas to consider some current issue in the broader environment e.g. news items or current affairs

• Any interpretations of this topic or different points of view beyond your own and those you have discussed

• How your own experience and situation might have influenced your views

• Any particular insights you might have gained into an issue as a result of learning from the module

• How these ideas might relate to or differ from other concepts and ideas from elsewhere, including learning in other modules.

• What future learning plans and ideas you might have from completing this as assignment.


This is not a list of topics you have to include in your reflective comments. It gives an indication of how some students use this part of the assignment to think about their own learning. The reflective account is your account of how you view this learning process. It is therefore a very individual piece of work and each student’s account will be different as a result.

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